Which of the following drinks best describes you?

Given below are some of the most competitive alcohol-based drink mixes that still, well raise debates among the finer men of our generation. From a beginner to a pro, the needs and tastes of men, young and old, have been met. From a Killer Hitman to a Funny Joker, from Mr. John to Mr. Mayor, care has been taken for all of them. To know more, keep on reading this article to find your right punch and kick it right in, along our journey of getting punched, real good!


The Old Neighbour

No one messes with Mr. Scott nowadays, as one knows how easily he is annoyed. The neighboring kids playing football and creating chaos get on his nerves too quickly. Just the way an ant follows sweet, he seems to ever remain in anger of people as in general. So how does he control himself, the answer is the good old – The Woodblock Old Fashioned. Don’t believe the name, as just one serving makes Mr. Scott young as a newlywed man. It’s made from Woodblock’s complex Elijah Craig, which is aged for more than 9 years. Just like Mr. Scott, though bitter, this bourbon is dashed with a faint hint of syrup with a touch of bitter leaves of Angostura.



The Wanderer

For the wanderlust’s out there, this is the drink for you. Ranging from mountaineers to the lumberjacks, to the dirt-road hitters, it requires a revisit to Mother Nature, be it a mountain or the haunted woods, this drink brings out the adventure in all of them.

It’s the famous The Lumberjack from Edmonds — brews using the finest Gin, dashed with Angostura’s bitters, and complexes with bitter of other woods such as Douglas Fir, the Douglas Fir Brandy and of course honey will sweeten stringiest of the pains into heaps of pleasure. The thing that makes it stand out is its ability to connect the person to his/her habitat or happy place, which is in the adventure land, of course.



Ms. Shalala Of Long Island

Raise the inner vampire in you, while listening to Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood. Catering to the needs of our queens, enjoy this wonderful blend of Premium Vodka spiced with tangy orange and blueberries. If the flavor is your taste, then taste this flavor.