Which of the following drinks best describes you? (2 of 3)



The Albert Einstein

If you think of yourself as a drink connoisseur and don’t hesitate to experiment with the poisons, you may rather try this first. Not like those old cartoons of boiling concoctions mixed with the strangest creature, but this may give you a similar experience. Welcome the “ The Cincinnati concocted concoction’s conviction “. This mad drink has a particular recipe that ranges from taking Absolut Vodka as a base, with garlic-infused Maple drops and complexed with Earl-Grey-infused Gin. These all complemented with regular lime juices and mints, which is mixed with spherical ice at exactly 2 degrees and served on hot glass. This can’t get any better. It can bring all the colors missing in your life, back to you, at least for a moment.



The Nerd

For the readers out there who won’t enjoy as they dive into their realm of own-making, this drink is for them. This drink literally inspires one to be creative and like a hallucinogenic, it takes you to another level(not literally). Remember the name, it’s The Hemingway Daiquiri. Mixed in the right proportion of red Wine and Kentucky Rum, it converges its forces with orange juice and mint paste to give a fantastic start to your epic journey of live-imagine.



The Wannabe

Drink so famous, not for what it is, but for where it was. It was with you, a Mr. Everyone Wannabe, who gets envied upon, inspired upon, and asked upon and admired upon, who is the living embodiment of power, who is it? Such is the power of this drink. Known as “The Viking” with 80% of it is strong smelly Rum, it is combined with cognac and cocoa, so flavorful, not everybody can engulf.