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A Glimpse Inside The Marriage Of The Richest Couples In History

There is no much difference between the rich people and us except for you know, the other things their wealth and affluence has brought them—things like having a big house, extravagant and fancy cars, and heaps of money. Their flamboyant lives and style may appear to be unrelatable to those of us who don’t have vast fortunes, yet having tremendous assets doesn’t absolve you from human feelings. Like every other person, the rich people also fall in all kind of affection, love, and their connections are similarly as convoluted as some other human being’s.


Much of the time, their marriage are even more stressful and progressively unpleasant, as the money and fame that often goes with it can include a ton of extra weight to their relationship. Some of these rich celebrities have bliss, fairytale romances, while others have confronted unrest, turmoil and heartbreaks. Of course, their affluence may set them apart from us, but the rich have hearts too. To prove this, we are going to take a look at the union of some of the wealthiest couples.



Bill and Melinda Gates

You talk about given back to the world, then Bill and Melinda have given so much in their philanthropy journey so far. The Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, have billions to his name, yet he and his better half,Melinda, aren’t accumulating it for themselves. The couples are famous for their magnanimous commitments and together with fellow billionaires, created the Giving Pledge which urges wealthy people to give the dominant part of their riches away.


Bill and Melinda Gates have worked together to raise their three kids unobtrusively, not even allowing them to own a mobile phone until the age of 14. Their kids will likewise need to make their way in the world. Bill and Melinda only plan to leave them comfortable but not to give in so much wealth to them that will not make them work again. In the 2018 yearly letter for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is the world’s biggest charitable establishment with a trust of more than $40 billion, the couple expressed that: “we think [Philanthropy is] a basic responsibility of anyone with a lot of money. Once you’ve taken care of yourself and your children, the best use of extra wealth is to give back to the society.”



Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos

With a stunning fortune of over $100 billion, Jeff claims the cap of the wealthiest man in history. The Amazon founder and CEO has had a motivating career, however significantly noteworthy is his stable marriage to Mackenzie Bezos. Mackenzie has been with him through everything and was close by when he established Amazon and incorporated it to the powerhouse it is today.


They met when Mackenzie interviewed him at the New York hedge fund, and after three months to their first date, they engaged. They wedded in 1993 and moved to Seattle the next year after Jeff had the thought for the company that would in the end, move towards becoming Amazon. “I have no business sense whatsoever, but I saw how excited he was,” Mackenzie told Vogue about the decision to uproot their lives.


decades later, the couple is still cheerfully hitched and has four children together. The business tycoon is as supportive of his better half’s profession as she is of his. “Jeff is my best reader,” she stated, including that he will joyfully clear his timetable to peruse her original copies and give her notes.