A Glimpse Inside The Marriage Of The Richest Couples In History

There is no much difference between the rich people and us except for you know, the other things their wealth and affluence has brought them—things like having a big house, extravagant and fancy cars, and heaps of money. Their flamboyant lives and style may appear to be unrelatable to those of us who don’t have vast fortunes, yet having tremendous assets doesn’t absolve you from human feelings. Like every other person, the rich people also fall in all kind of affection, love, and their connections are similarly as convoluted as some other human being’s.


Much of the time, their marriage are even more stressful and progressively unpleasant, as the money and fame that often goes with it can include a ton of extra weight to their relationship. Some of these rich celebrities have bliss, fairytale romances, while others have confronted unrest, turmoil and heartbreaks. Of course, their affluence may set them apart from us, but the rich have hearts too. To prove this, we are going to take a look at the union of some of the wealthiest couples.



Bill and Melinda Gates

You talk about given back to the world, then Bill and Melinda have given so much in their philanthropy journey so far. The Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, have billions to his name, yet he and his better half,Melinda, aren’t accumulating it for themselves. The couples are famous for their magnanimous commitments and together with fellow billionaires, created the Giving Pledge which urges wealthy people to give the dominant part of their riches away.


Bill and Melinda Gates have worked together to raise their three kids unobtrusively, not even allowing them to own a mobile phone until the age of 14. Their kids will likewise need to make their way in the world. Bill and Melinda only plan to leave them comfortable but not to give in so much wealth to them that will not make them work again. In the 2018 yearly letter for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is the world’s biggest charitable establishment with a trust of more than $40 billion, the couple expressed that: “we think [Philanthropy is] a basic responsibility of anyone with a lot of money. Once you’ve taken care of yourself and your children, the best use of extra wealth is to give back to the society.”



Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos

With a stunning fortune of over $100 billion, Jeff claims the cap of the wealthiest man in history. The Amazon founder and CEO has had a motivating career, however significantly noteworthy is his stable marriage to Mackenzie Bezos. Mackenzie has been with him through everything and was close by when he established Amazon and incorporated it to the powerhouse it is today.


They met when Mackenzie interviewed him at the New York hedge fund, and after three months to their first date, they engaged. They wedded in 1993 and moved to Seattle the next year after Jeff had the thought for the company that would in the end, move towards becoming Amazon. “I have no business sense whatsoever, but I saw how excited he was,” Mackenzie told Vogue about the decision to uproot their lives.


decades later, the couple is still cheerfully hitched and has four children together. The business tycoon is as supportive of his better half’s profession as she is of his. “Jeff is my best reader,” she stated, including that he will joyfully clear his timetable to peruse her original copies and give her notes.



David and Victoria Beckham

If you are a football fan, then no need to introduce who the handsome once upon a time Manchester United player is. David and Victoria have been as one since 1997. From the point that the former Spice Girl met the soccer player in Manchester United players’ parlor. Posh and Becks have turned to global power couple, each bringing roughly $450 million into the relationship. In a time, where celebrity’s marriages are doomed even from the outset, the Beckhams have figured how to remain together, bringing four youngsters up in the spotlight. Although there have been bits of gossip that the couple is going apart, a spokesperson in June 2018 denied it saying that the couple is growing stronger.


David, nonetheless, conceded two or after three months that things aren’t generally perfect in the Beckham household. “When you’ve been married for the amount of time that we have, it always hard work,” David said in an October 2018 appearance on Australian TV show The Sunday Project (via the Daily Mail). “It becomes a little more complicated.”



Warren Buffet and Astrid Menks

Even though Warren Buffet is one of the richest men in history, he still lives below his means. The business tycoon lives in a home that he acquired in 1958 for $31,500. He wedded his second spouse, Astrid Menks, in 2006 out of a nitty-gritty service. The ring used was bought at a rebate from is very own jewelry company, and the couple ate at the Bonefish Grill, a casual dining franchise.


Susan was Warren’s first wife, but she passed away in 2004, although his relationship with Astrid goes back to the 1970s. Warren and Susan separated in the 1970s; while still keep their romantic union. Warren was with both Susan and Astrid, with an endorsement from both ladies. That’s weird you know! It appears his family likewise approved the relationship.”Unconventional is not a bad thing,” warren’s daughter with Susan, Susie Buffet, told The New York Times. “More people should have unconventional marriages.”


Susie additionally said that her mom and Astrid had a dear companionship and that they “really loved each other.


Kanye and Kim Kardashian West

Only if you don’t live on this planet will you say you haven’t heard the Kanye or at least his wife, Kardashian? With a combined wealth worth $600 million, they are also one of the most standout couples of modern history. The rapper and the TV character were hitched in 2014 and had three kids together. West happens to be Kardashian third spouse after music maker-Damon Thomas and NBA player-Kris Humphries.


While the Wests seem to be going well at present, Kim conceded that parenthood had put a strain in their marriage. The reality star said in a September 2018 episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians that Kanye feels that she ignores him for their kids. Kim has likewise said that she’s lost a great deal of her autonomy since wedding the rapper. “I’ve always been so independent and working, and [had a] schedule, and when you get married and have a husband that has a career and then have kids, your independence… you have to let it go.” She said on the Alec Baldwin show.



Andrew and Louise Carnegie

Like they say in English, the money you spent on yourself, is not as valuable as the one spent on others. Well, today Dale Andrew Carnegie is well remembered for the money he gave way than for the money he earned. Dale Carnegie was born in 1835, the industrialist made a fortune in the steel business before committing himself to philanthropy and given more than $350 million away—the likeness of more than $5 billion today.


In 1887, he was at the age of 51 hitched to Louise Whitfield who at that time was 30. Dale, who was committed to his mother wouldn’t like to get married until after her demise, although he had a secret engagement with Louise four years earlier. The Carnegie was one of the foremost American couples who consent to the prenuptial agreement. After Carnegie’s death, his widow was left with a small amount of money, a Manhattan townhouse, and a castle in Scotland. Their little daughter was left with a little trust. The townhouse, in the long run, was inevitably sold as its upkeep was unreasonably costly for them. Louise was far from being upset or furious with the little left for; it was her who encourages her husband to be a cheerful giver than making it.



John and Laura Rockefeller

There are only handfuls of names that are engraved on the face of time; the name Rockefeller is one. The name is synonymous with riches, and it’s well known around the globe on account of New York City’s Rockefeller Center. By the time of his death in 1937, the self-made industrialist, John D. Rockefeller, has ended up as the world’s richest man and as the leader of the Standard Oil company. He is recognized as a generous philanthropist who gave more than $530 million.


He wedded his high school companion-Laura Celestia “Cettie” Spelman in 1864. Cettie has a sharp personality for business and uses that to empower her husband business endeavor. No doubt, she was positive on her husband and all things considered, her solid social conscience did help motivate John’s generosity. John himself acknowledged her for his prosperity. “her judgment was always better than mine,” the business big shot once said of his wife, “Without her keen advice, I would be a poor man.”


Sadly, Cettie passed away over 20 years before her husband. He never remarried and at his request, John was buried next to Cettie when he died.



John Jacob Astor IV and Madeleine Astor

You may know him for his scandalous marriage to an 18-year old Madeleine Talmage Force in September 1911 who he was 30 years older than, soon after his divorce from his first spouse, Ava Lowle Willing. John was born with a silver spoon; he went to Harvard and was influential in building the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. To get away from the chatter that erupted from the union, the Astors embarked on wedding trip around Europe and North Africa, in the hope that the outrage would have lessened when they return.


Tragically, it was the sinking of the Titanic—the infamous luxury liner that hit an ice and sank on its first journey which short-lived their marriage. Fortunately for Madeleine, she survived, but her husband did not. Soon after, the pregnant Madeleine gave birth to her son who was named-John Jacob Astor VI (as four months earlier, another relative had beaten him to John Jacob Astor V). After Four years, Madeleine relinquishes all her claim to multi-million dollar Astor fortune, and a $5 million trust fund left for her after she remarried.



Henry and Clara Ford

“The greatest day of my life was when I married Mrs. Ford,” Henry told the New York Times in 1983. Even though the industrialist was 22 was he proposed to his wife, Clara Jane Bryant who was at that time 20, they won’t tie the knot because her mom told them to wait two years more. The couples were at last married on April 11, 1888, on Clara’s 22nd birthday.


In their early years of marriage before moving to Detroit where Henry worked on building a gasoline-powered horseless carriage in his spare time while working as an engineer for Edison Illuminating Company, they had lived on farmland that was gifted to them by Henry’s dad. Henry later went on to start his company- Ford Motor and started mass assembly of Ford vehicle, the model A. His vehicles and business astuteness would in the end, make Henry one of the nation’s leading businessmen.


All through his career, Clara bolstered her husband business idea and would go with him on an excursion for work far and wide. Her trust in him drove Henry to give her the appellation his “great believer.”



Jackie and Aristotle Onassis

Do you know anyone who got married to the wife of a president? I mean I bet you don’t. Well, now you do, Aristotle was fortune with his fortunes to marry the widow of President John F. Kennedy five years after the assignation of the then president. Many who loved the nice looking youthful president and his glitzy woman were horrified by the match. Jackie was 39 while Aristotle claimed to be 62, even though there is an indication from his passport that suggests otherwise. Even though he was worth millions, Americans still couldn’t wrap their head around the fact that their sweetheart got married to a man who is much older. It appeared grievous to them despite a life that already been struck by heartbreak.


The marriage was by most records, a miserable one. “After the honeymoon trip, the marriage was loaded up with what one close pal of Ari’s called ‘the nights of long silences,'” read Aristotle’s 1975 obituary in Time. As the couple couldn’t find a common interest, “Jackie loved concert, ballet, and theater; Onassis preferred loud bouzouki music, belly dancers and at times the company of roistering Greek businessmen. A significant part of the time they lived separate lives.