A Glimpse Inside The Marriage Of The Richest Couples In History (2 of 5)


David and Victoria Beckham

If you are a football fan, then no need to introduce who the handsome once upon a time Manchester United player is. David and Victoria have been as one since 1997. From the point that the former Spice Girl met the soccer player in Manchester United players’ parlor. Posh and Becks have turned to global power couple, each bringing roughly $450 million into the relationship. In a time, where celebrity’s marriages are doomed even from the outset, the Beckhams have figured how to remain together, bringing four youngsters up in the spotlight. Although there have been bits of gossip that the couple is going apart, a spokesperson in June 2018 denied it saying that the couple is growing stronger.


David, nonetheless, conceded two or after three months that things aren’t generally perfect in the Beckham household. “When you’ve been married for the amount of time that we have, it always hard work,” David said in an October 2018 appearance on Australian TV show The Sunday Project (via the Daily Mail). “It becomes a little more complicated.”



Warren Buffet and Astrid Menks

Even though Warren Buffet is one of the richest men in history, he still lives below his means. The business tycoon lives in a home that he acquired in 1958 for $31,500. He wedded his second spouse, Astrid Menks, in 2006 out of a nitty-gritty service. The ring used was bought at a rebate from is very own jewelry company, and the couple ate at the Bonefish Grill, a casual dining franchise.


Susan was Warren’s first wife, but she passed away in 2004, although his relationship with Astrid goes back to the 1970s. Warren and Susan separated in the 1970s; while still keep their romantic union. Warren was with both Susan and Astrid, with an endorsement from both ladies. That’s weird you know! It appears his family likewise approved the relationship.”Unconventional is not a bad thing,” warren’s daughter with Susan, Susie Buffet, told The New York Times. “More people should have unconventional marriages.”


Susie additionally said that her mom and Astrid had a dear companionship and that they “really loved each other.