List of 20 Worst Songs Of All Time

Music is soul-soothing, but it can be soul-sickening at times, too. Today we are going to list out, not the best songs, but the gems, which deserve infamy. And of course, what is music to one might be noise for another. But taking into account reviews of Rolling Stone and a few music critics, we can reach a consensus on what should have never existed as a song in the first place. Without further ado, let’s check out the songs now.


Hallelujah by everyone apart from Leonard Cohen and Jeff Buckley

Written by one of them and perfected by the other, Hallelujah has been ruined by everyone who has ever sung it or tried to compose it except these two.



Who Let The Dogs Out by Baha Men

If there ever was a song that could make grown-up men behave horribly like a barking frat boy, this is it. Who Let The Dogs Out is one of the most annoying songs ever. And then there’s also this – “Get back gruffy, mash scruffy. Get back you flea infested mongrel.”



Ppap by Pikataro

We all at some point in 2016 drank Kool-Aid and gave this dance abomination – We drank the collective Kool-Aid in 2016 by giving this dance abomination – “I have a pen I have an apple”. Oh, and by the way, the “artist” is still enjoying the beauties of life, all thanks to the royalties.



We Like To Party! By Vengaboys

Another “gem” from Vengaboys, We Like to Party is less of a song and more of an audio herpes, to be frank. And then the lyrics of this song could make anyone go ballistic – “the Venga bus is comin’ and everybody’s jumpin’, New York through San Fransisco, an interstate free disco.”



I’m Blue by Eiffel 65

You seriously need to be on some kind of drug in order to leave your seat and get down to the dance floor to dance to this song’s opening stanza that goes on the lines of “I’m blue da ba dee da ba daa. Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa. Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa.”



Mr Lonely by Akon

The horrible lyrics, coupled with the silly West Indian patois and that cartoonish voice modulation in Mr. Lonely would definitely leave Bob Marley cursing in his grave.



Tubthumping by Chumbawumba

What would you get if you combined a truckload of alcoholics and the best of football? Tubthumping! They could have very easily named this song “Who Wants To Pick a Fight?” and it would still be apt.



Mysterious Girl by Peter Andre

When this real estate agent decided to oil up his body and enlist the popular rapper from Jamaica Bubbler Ranx for a song – featuring “legendary” lyrics that included “I love the smell of your Elizabeth Taylor perfume” – he unleashed a piece of audio herpes that is still earning him tons of money!



You’re Beautiful by James Blunt

Master of Witty Twitter Comebacks, “Sir” James Blunt doesn’t really take himself seriously. However, he did the same with this song when he sugar-coated this ode to unrequited love so much that it could have very well caused diabetes to a few people!



Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus

Had Miley’s dad performed this song with a pinch of tongue in cheek humor or a hint of irony, people might have found this funny. The fact is, he didn’t, and people didn’t find it funny at all!



Photograph by Nickelback

Photograph by Nickelback is often made fun of for being the worst example of commercial music, but this is the very song that would send many down the memory lane that would tick off every possible cliché in one image after another, along with a mandatory dose of solo gurning guitar.



Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex

Let your rural cousin get his hands on some cheap speed and a cool recording studio and you get Cotton Eye Joe as a result.



Take My Breath Away by Berlin

This one is definitely meant for the asthmatics. And since there’s a new installment of Top Gun about to release next year, there is definitely going to be a resurgence of this ballad from the original flick in the form of a dormant virus that just got its source of strength again! “Watching every motion. In my foolish lover’s game On this endless ocean. Finally, lovers know no shame.” What are they banging on about?



We Built This City by Starship

Barry Divola, a noted rock critic, aptly sums up this song as a song possessing all the killer combo – horrible lyrics, crazily annoying tune, horrible production, and the mention of “conquering the strength of rock”, and yet fails to rock!



My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion

A death song that is played at almost every wedding, My Heart Will Go On with its Jack-Rose obsession is way too much. Nothing is more annoying than manufactured sentimentality.



Hey Baby by DJ Otzi

Even though the first mention of “Ooh, ah, will you be my girl” falls more in the cute category and in the harmless category for some, the repetitive mention of it makes it feel more like someone is being interrogated by CIA!



I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

I Will Always Love You is without a doubt a great song – the one sung by the original singer and composer, Dolly Parton. This version, though, is terrible enough to encourage a few people to jump off the cliff after they listen to this song. And that “Eye-ee-eye-ee-eye” is so annoying that it will definitely make a lot of people go all ballistic!



You Raise Me Up by Westlife

You know your song is turning out to be a horrible one when you plug a gospel choir in between in a dying attempt to add some sort of gravitas. Oh, and by the way, that “up” is totally superfluous! You really cannot raise anybody DOWN, guys.



Black Lace’s Agadu

“Agadu push pineapple, grind coffee” Please don’t try to make any sense out of it. This is the tune that remained stuck in the minds of 80s people for quite long. To be honest, this song was cruelty to the music itself. ‘Not credible’ quoted BBC and banned it, yet it ruled the charts.



My Humps by Black Eyed Peas

Less like a song and more like Fergie’s ode to her lady parts, My Humps is a song where she calls them Lumps.  And it’s Black Eyed Peas release! Seriously? Oh, wait! There’s more to it, rhyming Bump, Lump and repetitive Hump! Yay! Enough to be called a song. No wonder it was voted the most annoying song by the Rolling Stone readers.