15 photos That Prove That Everything On Instagram Is A Lie

Source: Reddit


Kylie Jenner (same day on Instagram vs on TV)

Wait….same day?! Seriously? Looks like 2 totally different people. In fact, it might not be the same day, her hair is shorter on the left, as well as being straight while on the right it’s a bit wavy. Also, her eyebrows are different, she isn’t wearing a necklace on the right, her nose is different (she got a nose job).





Instagram model hired for the runway

it’s plausible she didn’t shop everything, and it’s just good angles and lighting, because Front light pics are always more flattering and make your face look thinner The light in the show is unflattering af She just looks like she’s a bit bloated, but definitely the same person The features are the same, the light is just shit.




This one’s a little sad

This is a perfect post to show how warped things are getting. That woman’s body is perfectly fine in the before picture. She looks normal and healthy and even is below the average size 12 (in America). If we saw more natural healthy bodies we wouldn’t feel the need to Facetune/Photoshop ourselves into unrealistic expectations.