Interesting Facts about Forrest Gump

In 1994, an American classic was made. Robert Lee Zemeckis directed a movie based on a novel by Winston Groom ‘Forrest Gump’. Leading role went to Tom Hanks, who gave one of the best performances in his career. Emotional and funny, the movie was highly rated by critics and viewers, and also performed exceptionally well at the box office. Here are some of the facts that perhaps you didn’t know about this all-time favorite classic:


Bubba Gump Restaurantso

One of Forrest Gump’s war friends, Bubba, had a dream of becoming the king of the shrimp business. Sadly, he died in the Vietnam War, but Forrest Gump went on and fulfilled Bubba’s dream in his honour. In real life, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. has restaurants across the United States and around the world as well. You can find the famous restaurant in China, Japan, Mexico and Malaysia, and in front of every one of them, there is a bench with Forrest’s suitcase on it, and his snickers bellow the bench. The interesting fact is that this restaurant chain didn’t exist before the movie came out.



Real Footage

There is a real footage in the movie from 1968 that was used for a ceremony when Forrest Gump met Lyndon B. Johnson to receive his Medal of Honor. Forrest’s head was digitally superimposed on the body of Sammy L. Davis, who did, in fact, receive this award for his service in Vietnam. This gave the illusion that Forrest was actually standing face to face with President Lyndon Johnson.