Interesting Facts about Forrest Gump (Page 2 of 21)

War Scenes

The Vietnam War scenes were actually filmed on a golf course on Fripp Island, just off the coast of South Carolina. Of course, computer-generated imagery (CGI) worked its magic to conjure the feeling of the muddy ground, the raucous jungle, the reedy swamps.



Jenny’s Death

Jenny, Forrest Gump’s friend and the girl he loves, dies in the movie just one year after they get married. It was never revealed in the movie what sort of virus killed her, but we are led to believe that the reason was AIDS, since the story took place in the ’80s when this virus was at its peak in the United States. The author Winston Groom, however, had something else in mind when he wrote the book. So in his sequel novel, Bubba & Co., Groom reveals that Jenny, in fact, died from hepatitis C by which she was infected during her drug-usage years.