20 Most Famous LGBT+ Celebrities

The LGBT+ acronym stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and other sexual and gender minorities. “+” – The plus stands to incorporate othemarginalizeded and minority sexuality/gender identities.


Not every LGBT+ identifying celebrity shouts out their sexuality to the world. They might not be in the closet, but they also don’t necessarily make a point to let people know.


That’s their choice. Some consider privacy paramount, while others feel an amount of social responsibility. Here are twenty celebrities who you probably had no clue were gay.



Kristen Stewart

Stewart shocked audiences in early 2017 when she announced she was gay on Saturday Night Live.


She’s dated both men and women, but since her breakup with Twilight costar Robert Pattinson, she’s been openly dating women like Victoria’s Secret model, Stella Maxwell, and indie music icon, St. Vincent.




Jillian Michaels

Fitness guru and businesswoman, Jillian Michaels, is openly bisexual. She and her partner, Heidi Rhodes, are the mothers of two children and are looking to be living happily ever after these days.


This stability has come a few years after Michaels’ daughter reportedly told her mother that “gay was gross.”

John Travolta

Despite being with wife, Kelly Preston, for more than 25 years, Travolta was reported to have a secret affair with Doug Gotterba.


Gotterba tried many times to publish a book revealing their relationship, but it was never published as a result of legal issues. Travolta still isn’t open about his sexuality.




Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah has never officially stated her sexual preference to the public, but the paparazzi have some evidence to prove she’s not exactly straight.


Pictures of Latifah kissing her former girlfriend of eight years, Jeanette Jenkins, and her current girlfriend, Eboni Nichols, have made it pretty clear. You do you, Queen.

Ellen Page

In late 2017, Page was one of many women who accused Hollywood producer, Brett Ratner, of sexual harassment and/or assault.


Page’s harassment was in 2006 at age 18 on the set of X Men, when Ratner publicly exposed Page as gay before she was ready to come out.




James Franco

Franco is known for choosing to be part of many gay-themed films, so the rumors about whether or not he is, in fact, gay are always circulating.


He is reported saying, “I’m a little gay, and there’s a gay James.” You can decide what exactly that means.

Neil Patrick Harris

NPH confirmed to himself he was gay after a kiss from Burt Reynolds in the late 1980’s.


Coming to this realization was not easy for him, but he is now openly gay, proud, and married to David Burtka. He has even become a role model for many LBGTQ youth.




Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster came out to the public in her award speech at the Golden Globes in 2013. She had come out to her close family and friends long ago but, said she never told fans because she values her privacy.


Perhaps she felt she owed the LGBTQ community to be an out and proud role model.

Michael Sam

Michael Sam was the first openly gay NFL player. Coming out is likely the reason his career in the NFL and football as a whole ended so prematurely due to the sport’s pretty clear discomfort with homosexuality.


He is now a motivational speaker and an inspiration to many young athletes struggling to come out of the closet.




Michelle Rodriguez

The Fast and the Furious star, Michelle Rodriguez, publicly announced her bisexuality in 2014, hoping it would have a positive influence on others struggling with their sexuality.


She said she finally decided to come out because of her age, refusing to live a lie until she got old and gray.

Jason Collins

NBA player, Jason Collins, publicly came out as gay in 2013. In 2014, he became the first publicly gay athlete to play for any major North American sports team and was included in Time Magazine’s list, “100 Most Influential People in the World.”


His bravery should be an example to all athletes struggling to come out.





In 2010, Kesha first revealed that she loves people rather than just men, claiming to be neither gay or straight because of her dislike for labels.


She is an activist in the LGBTQ community and also an ordained minister. Kesha has proudly performed legal ceremonies for many same-sex couples.

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper, a primary news anchor on CNN and a correspondent for 60 Minutes, has been openly gay since he gave Andrew Sullivan permission to publish an email where he publicly came out of the closet.


Now, he is the most well-known gay journalist on television in the US.




Raven Symone

The former star of That’s So Raven, Raven Symone, said she has known she was gay since age 12, but her TV stardom led her to it keep it secret for so long.


She was afraid of the social stigma in her childhood, but eventually came out in college, and is now open and proud.

Wentworth Miller

The Prison Break star, Wentworth Miller, turned down an invitation to the St. Petersburg International Film Festival in 2013 because the country has antigay laws.


He did not want to support a country that denies someone their human rights. It was after that that he decided to reveal his sexual preferences.




Kate McKinnon

Best known for her role on SNL as Hillary Clinton, Kate Mckinnon has never hidden her sexuality in her years as a celebrity.


Many in the LBGTQ community champion her for this, and rightfully so. Coming out so young and early in a person’s career can be particularly difficult.

Sarah Paulson

While actress Sarah Paulson, star of 90s TV shows American Gothic and Jack & Jill, is currently openly dating a woman, she doesn’t like the label “lesbian”.


Paulson made her first public appearance with girlfriend, Holland Taylor, in late 2015 despite being warned that dating Taylor could damage her career.




Jim Parsons

In 2017, The Big Bang Theory’s big star Jim Parsons got married in NYC to Todd Spiewak. The couple had been together fourteen years before making it official, though Parsons didn’t publicly come out until 2012.


He has since been an open member of the growing LBGTQ community.

Sam Smith

British superstar singer, Sam Smith, got together with Naughty Boy to create the hit “La La La,” released in 2013.


While that might have made fans wonder about his sexuality, he did not officially come out as gay until 2014. Now, he is a proud member of the gay community.




Tim Cook

Tim Cook is the Apple CEO who took over for Steve Jobs when he passed. He came out publicly in 2014 in part due to social responsibility, despite placing high value on his privacy.


It was more important to him to help shape a world where kids could feel safe.