8 Celebrities With Quirky Body Parts

There is a belief that celebrities are not like the rest of us. And this is true in more ways than one. Unlike the rest of us regular peasants, they have all sorts of interesting things going on with their bodies…and they are often proud to show these features off! They don’t let weirdly-shaped ears, third nipples or webbed feet stand in their way of fame and fortune, so neither should you! With that in mind, here are 8 famous folks who have unusual body parts.

Ashton Kutcher Webbed Toes, Photograph, Blue, Product, Fashion, Gesture

Ashton Kutcher: Webbed Toes

Once when appearing on a British TV show, Kutcher was asked about his feet, and he went into a bit of detail about his syndactyly, a cosmetic deformity that results in webbed toes. It does nothing to affect the person’s ability to prank fellow celebrities or marry Ukrainian-born beauties, so no surgery was required. This condition can be found in one out of every 2,500 newborns and typically occurs between the second and third digit, like in the case of Kutcher.