8 Celebrities With Quirky Body Parts

There is a belief that celebrities are not like the rest of us. And this is true in more ways than one. Unlike the rest of us regular peasants, they have all sorts of interesting things going on with their bodies…and they are often proud to show these features off! They don’t let weirdly-shaped ears, third nipples or webbed feet stand in their way of fame and fortune, so neither should you! With that in mind, here are 8 famous folks who have unusual body parts.

Ashton Kutcher Webbed Toes, Photograph, Blue, Product, Fashion, Gesture

Ashton Kutcher: Webbed Toes

Once when appearing on a British TV show, Kutcher was asked about his feet, and he went into a bit of detail about his syndactyly, a cosmetic deformity that results in webbed toes. It does nothing to affect the person’s ability to prank fellow celebrities or marry Ukrainian-born beauties, so no surgery was required. This condition can be found in one out of every 2,500 newborns and typically occurs between the second and third digit, like in the case of Kutcher.

David Letterman Stephen Colbert, Glasses, Smile, Microphone, Tie, Blue, Coat, Gesture

Stephen Colbert: Floppy Ear

The host of CBS’s Late Show is extremely proud of his silly-looking right ear, which he acquired after having surgery as a kid. He has described it as a “prop” and can do this sneaky trick in which he rolls it down into itself and with a sideways smirk can pop it back out. As a result of the operation, he is also completely deaf in that ear.

Chandler Friends Middle Finger, Microphone, Product, Tie, Coat, Gesture

Matthew Perry: Missing Finger Tip

After getting into a door-shutting accident as a teenager, Perry lost the tip of one of his middle fingers. He had been an avid water polo player up to that point, but losing parts of your body — even if it’s just a small tip of a finger — has a way of affecting your game. So with dreams of being the Michael Jordan of water polo shattered, he opted for acting and the rest is history!

Gemma Arterton Fingers, Hair, Nose, Lip, Chin, Hand, Eyebrow, Arm, Shoulder, Eyelash, Human body

Gemma Arterton: Extra Fingers

The Bond Girl actress has it all: beauty, wealth, and probably several mansions. But Gemma Arterton also once had something that only around one in every 750 babies are born with: polydactyly. This is the medical term for having extra digits on the hand or feet. In Arterton’s case, she had an extra finger on each hand. This was an inherited trait that her father and grandpa also had. She stated in an interview that she was proud of it, but apparently not enough to keep those bonus pinkies. She had them surgically removed.

Heterocromia Mila Kunis, Forehead, Nose, Skin, Lip, Shoulder, Eyelash, Dress, Makeover, Neck, Flash photography

Mila Kunis: Different Colored Eyes

The Emmy Award-winning actress Kunis is one of 200,000 Americans who have heterochromia iridis, or in layman’s terms, different colored eyes. In her case, one is green and the other is brown. Today it is a feature that adds to her beauty, but as a kid she remembers being made fun of for this unusual condition.

Max Scherzer, Cricket cap, Blue, Sports uniform, Beard, Cap, Gesture

Max Scherzer: Eyes of Different Colors

On a related note, the star pitcher for the New York Mets also has different colored eyes, and according to his mom, Jane Seymour serves as a source of inspiration. Scherzer had been born with blue eyes, but when he was around 4 months old his mom noticed that one of them was now green. The pediatrician alleviated her concerns by saying all was fine. Eventually, the blue eye turned an even deeper shade while the green eye became brown. By coincidence, Mother Scherzer had caught an interview of Seymour discussing her eyes and came to realize that, hey, if she can live with it, so can her son!

Harry Styles Abs, Hair, Joint, Hand, Hairstyle, Arm, Shoulder, Muscle, Neck, Human, Human body

Harry Styles: Four Nipple

Harry Styles is already known for having a cheeky personality, and having four nipples only adds to his mystique. Roughly 1 in 18 people are born with a superfluous third nipple and it is often confused for a mole or freckle. And the pop singer doesn’t just have one extra nubbin under his shirt, but TWO!

Brachydactyly Type D, Nose, Skin, Lip, Chin, Hand, Eyebrow, Eyelash, People in nature, Flash photography, Neck

Megan Fox: “Clubbed Thumb”

A popular actress Megan Fox has a genetic malfunction commonly called “clubbed thumb.” The syndrome is also known as brachydactyly type-D causes her right thumb to be short and malformed.