8 Fictional Places We Wish We Could Visit

There are plenty of interesting places to visit in this world. You can sip on an espresso in Rome. Or eat a Danish in Denmark (the pastry, not the people, unless you’re twisted). But sometimes we long to go to kingdoms and lands that are out of our reach on the account that they don’t actually exist. But it doesn’t mean you can’t dream. Here are 8 fictional places we’d love to spend a day in.

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The Emerald City

Getting to the Emerald City is easy provided you have a pair of ruby slippers that you can tap three times to magically warp there. Yellow brick roads? Check. Weird but cool friends? Of course! Little people with large lollipops? Yup. Flying monkeys? Sure, but just remain diligent and use common sense just as you would if you were traveling anywhere else in the world that happened to have flying monkeys.

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Who wouldn’t want to drop by Hogwarts for an epic feast? Or slap around Dobby’s ridiculous ears? We can envy Dumbledore’s impressive beard, take magical train rides, fly on brooms, and chug a bunch of butterbeers. Best of all, we’d get a front-row seat during the Battle to the Death between Harry and He Who Shall Not Be Named. I’m referring to Lord Voldemort, just in case you weren’t sure.

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The Shire

There are so many destinations in Middle Earth that we’d love to hang out in. How about the enchanted Rivendell? Or Gondor with its white tree. Or Mordor if you align yourself with evil! But nothing tops the quaint and peaceful Shire where we can hang out with Frodo and Pals and gorge ourselves in pork pies, down pint after pint of handcrafted ale until we’re passed out on the floor of the tavern, and of course smoke some pipeweed with Gandalf. If that doesn’t sound like a fantastic weekend getaway plan, you’re no fun at all!

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It was really tough to decide between SpongeBob’s Bikini Bottom and Springfield, Anywhere, but after some careful deliberation, we just decided we’d prefer a place that doesn’t require wearing scuba gear and breathing with the aid of an oxygen tank. We’d have lunch at Krusty Burger, drop by Mo’s for a beer, and join Nelson in pointing at people and laughing at them for their misfortunes.

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There are a lot of appealing places in the Game of Thrones. We might stop by the Lannisters in the Red Keep of King’s Landing and witness them plotting to double cross other royal families (or even themselves). Or perhaps we could go north to Winterfell and soak in the immense beauty. But of the seven kingdoms, we think Highgarden would be the place to be. It’s described as a place with rolling fields of golden roses, plenty of entertainment, fantastic wine, and more wealth than you could possibly imagine. Just get there before Jaime Lannister sacks it!

Star Wars Tatooine, Sky


The Star Wars Universe is full of interesting and exotic worlds. For instance, Coruscant is one huge, continuous city that is home to trillions of people, the Jedi Temple, and is the center of political power for the entire Galaxy. Then there’s the volcano planet of Mustafar where Anakan and Obi Wan battle it out, although it gets pretty hot there. But for our money it doesn’t get any better than Tatooine where you can gulp some blue milk with Aunt Beru, toss around some jawas, purchase some misfit droids at a deep discount, watch both of the suns set, and take in a concert performance at Jabba’s Palace!

Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

The primary purpose of visiting Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory would be to poke at those weird Oompa Loompas, but the chocolate river and picking candy from the trees are also pretty compelling reasons to go. We would just need to be careful of some of the perils, such as not accidentally plummeting into said river, and making sure we don’t get turned into giant blueberries. Of course, if we pass all of these tests, we’ve been told the factory gets turned over to us, and that’s a pretty sweet deal!

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Jurassic Park

An island full of dangerous dinosaurs might not sound like a good idea, but if you’re a reasonable individual you’ll hear us out. First, we would make it a point to only hang out with the friendly and docile herbivores and stay as far away from the T-Rexes and Raptors as possible. And if they make it outside our five-star resort, we’ll spray ourselves with a bit of dinosaur repellent. Problem solved! Second, the island is so lush and full of pristine, primeval forests that can’t be found anywhere else in the world! Third, riding on the back of a flying pterodactyl is the best way to impress our Instagram followers. So why wouldn’t we seize this opportunity?