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The 8 Most Toxic Television Couples

Although TV is intended to be an escape from the problems of the world, in the case of on-screen relationships, couples are often miserable together, just like in real life! Television relationships are often unhealthy, with the pair sniping at each other and generally making each other’s lives miserable. Here are 10 examples of the most toxic couples in TV history.

Soulless Spike and Buffy on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

The biggest problem here is Buffy’s choice to date a guy who literally has no soul. They tend to be pretty terrible at dating and considering there are so many available guys who do have souls, you’d expect a vampire slayer like Buffy to make safer choices… Not to mention the fact that before they became a couple, Spike had a sexbot created in her likeness in response to her coldly rejecting his romantic overtures. But in the end, he goes to hell to acquire a soul (because that’s how it works) and everything turns out fine between the two of them!

Miss Piggy and Kermit on “The Muppet Show”

There is a whole lot to unpack here. First, these are completely unrelated species of Muppet, which means they should not be attracted to each other anymore than a squirrel would fall in love with a hippopotamus. But beyond that, Miss Piggy was known to commit domestic assault…against a frog that also happens to be her boss, by the way. Their breakup in 2015 was a long time coming, that’s for sure!

Dean and Rory on “Gilmore Girls”

This is a textbook case of a relationship gone horribly wrong. The things that caused Dean to fall in love with Rory — her compassionate personality, her focus on academics, and her strong bond to her mom — turn into the things he hates about her. To make matters worse, he has super jealousy issues when she interacts with other dudes, even when it’s just related to schoolwork. When on their anniversary he tells her he loves her and she doesn’t respond in kind, he flies into a rage. None of this behavior is remotely good, people!