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How To Keep People Out of Your Personal Space

Ever since the Earth got hit by the Covid pandemic, everyone’s aware of the term social distancing. Having to keep a safe distance of a few meters at all times seemed like second nature to many of us, and I’m sure it’ll be impacting our social lives for a few years yet. But what do you do when people don’t want to listen to the rules and think social distancing is a dumb idea? How do you keep people like that out of your personal space? Well, the internet has a few ideas.

Become a Helicopter

Sure, it’s a *foam* helicopter, but this man knows that when it comes to national health, there’s no such thing as looking too ridiculous. Nobody is going to get near this man unawares and give him some sort of virus he doesn’t want, I can guarantee you that much!

Become a Pincushion

Maybe you don’t mind people getting somewhat near you, but you don’t want them to actually touch your body? We have a solution for that. Just cover your entire body in harmless yet sharp-enough-to-be-painful pins. If someone gets too close, I’m pretty sure they’ll know instantly and yet a few yards back.

Become a Bubble

The best way to protect your Covid bubble is to become a Covid bubble. How does one do that, you say? Well, you just get one of those plastic bubbles they use to make kids play football without actually playing any football, and just walk around in that all day. It’s basically a Hazmat suit, guys. It just looks more stylish.