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10 Most Surprising Movie Kisses of All-Time

In real life, relationships take time to build, and if there’s no mutual chemistry, forget about it. However, things work differently in Hollywood. Writers are usually too lazy to create realistic scenarios, preferring to simply shoehorn the romantic subplot, often without bothering to explain where it’s coming from. Here are 10 examples of movies where the kiss completely comes out of the blue.

Top Gun

10. Charlie and Maverick — Top Gun

Folks, we need to talk about 1980s sensibilities for a moment. More specifically, the idea that a US Air Force instructor can just flat out declare her love for one of her cadets. But that’s precisely what happens here. After one of their many arguments, she expresses her feelings (after almost car-murdering a bunch of people when she recklessly chases Maverick down) and he goes in for the kiss. Then, of course, they do some baby-making to “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin.

Iron Man 2 Pepper And Tony, Flash photography

9. Tony and Pepper — Iron Man 2

For all of the first “Iron Man” and through most of its first sequel, there is zero sexual tension and only personal animosity between Tony Stark and his longtime personal assistant Pepper. In fact, Stark’s belief in his impending death only creates more distance between the squabbling pair. But after he makes it and Pepper survives a near-miss of her own, she announces she’s going to quit. He doesn’t object but goes in for the out-of-nowhere kiss instead. This magically solves everything because, of course it does.

8. Nicholas and Maria — The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

So basically, Maria is engaged to some guy but secretly has feelings for Nicholas. At the same time, they get into a huge argument that even involves some shoving, so of course Nicholas gives her a long, extended kiss, which she does nothing to stop, and then somehow she finds it shocking, leading to more shouting and pushing, with both of them falling into a fountain in the end.

Chris Pratt Bryce Dallas Howard Kiss, Hair, Face, Kiss, Jaw, Sky, Gesture

7. Claire and Owen — Jurassic World

Claire finds Owen to be roguish. Owen thinks Claire is stuck-up. As a result, chances of a romantic relationship seem very unlikely. They do manage to work well as a team, fending off the dinosaurs and such. It’s not until the end of the movie when Claire saves Owen’s life that he decides, You know what? Anybody willing to keep a pterodactyl from eating my face off is worth my love. That’s where the unexpected kiss seals the deal for the two.