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10 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Adele

Adele is back in full force with her new album. She took a long break in between albums this time and went through an amazing physical transformation. She went through a pretty rough patch in her personal life and her newest album ‘29’ has a lot of references to this somewhat darker period of her life.

There are many things we’ve already learned from Adele after all her years in the spotlight, but there are always more things to be learned. Despite being one of the biggest stars on the planet, she does have a tendency to keep her private life carefully guarded, so here’s a bunch of things you probably didn’t know about Adele yet.

First Record at 16

Adele wrote Hometown Glory when she was only 16. She posted a demo of the album on her MySpace page (yes, that’s how long ago this was) and that ended up getting her noticed by label XL. After Hometown Glory’s unexpected success, she started naming her albums after the age she was when she wrote them.

She Wrote “Skyfall” in a mere 10 Minutes

Or the first draft, at least. Paul Epworth, who produced the song, mentioned that Adele had most of the lyrics already in her head and put down most of the vocals within a mere 10 minutes. Despite the song not taking all that long to take form, Adele did end up winning an Oscar for it. I guess if your first idea is a good one, you should stick to it.

Music Video History With “Hello”

Music videos have been pretty stale for the last few decades and don’t really evolve all that much – at least technically speaking. Adele decided to mix things up and shot her video for “Hello” in IMAX cameras. Usually, this type of ultra-high resolution filming is privy only to the big Hollywood blockbusters.

A Hidden Tattoo

You’ve probably already seen the “Paradise” tattoo Adele has on her wrist or Adele’s back tattoo, but there’s another tattoo that she hides a lot better. Behind her ear she had the letter “A” tattooed, which is a reference to her son Angelo. Simple, but effective. It’s nice to see stars that still treat tattoos as something that should be used in moderation and with some thought put into it.