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Check Out These Once In A Lifetime Crazy Camping Photos

City life can be hectic, and we all deserve some time off to relax and unwind. And what better way to do that than set up a nice little camp in a distant ethereal location? Camping is perhaps the most calming way to wind down and enjoy some time off your packed work schedule.

However, irrespective of how amazing of a camper you think you might be, some things always go out of control when you are camping in nature. We’ve compiled a few funny camping scenarios that none of us would want to go through ourselves!


The Cactus Man

We cannot figure out how this dude got cacti all over his body when we first look at him. In fact, even looking at this guy hurts, and we can only imagine the kind of pain he must be going through! We all want to become one with nature, but this dude took that literally, it seems.

Is this supposed to be some sort of a crazy hunting camouflage? Or, did he just doze off at the wrong place and wrong time and wake up like this? We honestly want to know how this happened!

Even the policemen seem to be shocked looking at the ‘Cactus Man’. We can only hope they got this dude to the nearest hospital where they took out these cactus needles one after another.

One thing is for sure, he is going to be careful when venturing out from this moment on.



Wait, This Isn’t How You Catch A Fish

When a person has an urge to go fishing, he will go do it no matter what, and we get it. Even when he doesn’t have fishing equipment or the right car for that matter, it won’t stop him.

Well, this dude has everything a person needs to go fishing, but the whole setting seems a bit wrong. Honestly, what is your opinion, is it fair of him to go fishing in this luxury car? Or sit on top of it?

It seems he doesn’t really care about the car, or perhaps it is his friend’s car! Usually, when a person has a posh car, they do not drive it to locations where you know for a fact it will get dirty or wet. This man has taken it to a place where it can get worse than that. Honestly, is this guy chill or reckless? We will never find out.



Is that A Grill Or A Fridge?

We know you’re thinking you are being deceived by your eyes, we can assure you they definitely aren’t! This is indeed an old toilet that has been tweaked to work as a grill and a useless fridge.

Why useless, you may ask? Well, if there is a fire at one end and a fridge at the other end – it is highly likely your drinks are not going to stay cold for much longer.

Despite that, we appreciate the innovation of this guy – it is truly impressive! While it is hard to think of any sane person doing this, the concept is revolutionary. Or sort of!



Lonely Dude

You can feel for this poor bear, as it sits alone and looks miserable. There are always people who are left alone at the party because they are either too shy or they end up trying a bit too much to strike up a conversation.

We should show a bit of love and try to reach out to this kind of person – after all, they may offer you great company, who knows! After all, there are people who do not really like crowds but prefer one on one conversations instead.

This lonely bear surely looks like that sort of a guy, but one should never be deceived by looks alone. He is quite dangerous and going anywhere near this furry animal might be too risky.



World’s Most Dangerous Bed

Have you ever had a dream where you were flying? Well, this bed kept at the cliff might turn that dream into a very real reality, possibly even a life-threatening one.

We honestly cannot even think how this lady is being so casual and reading a book like she is at her home. Or perhaps she is reading the book that is titled ‘How To Prevent Dying While Sleeping On a Bed Hanging From A Cliff’?

Her boyfriend is even braver as he casually looks down into the abyss. We would be going dizzy from that height. If you are someone who rolls while sleeping, good luck staying alive in this bed!



Peaceful Sleep

Seriously, can you believe this dude? This is perhaps the most painful sleeping position anyone would have ever seen. He should have slept on the ground!

We get it – maybe the ground was cold and damp, and the guy didn’t think too much about putting up a tent before the party started, so he had to manage with this weird bed. We do hope this guy doesn’t have a sore back in the morning.

One thing is for sure – he will remember to plan his trips carefully. The next time he ventures out in the wild, he will set up his tent before he starts partying!



Thank You For The Burgers

If you have camped in the wild before, you would know that it is quite common to run into wild friends at times. Still, we do not expect them to be alligators or bears, and that too, ones who end up at our dinner table. You know very well that a wrong move could end up making you their snack!

What would you do if you found yourself in this situation? Obviously, like all of us, you would take out a camera and click your favorite wild friend relishing your burgers!

We will admit, though – this one seems a bit friendly. Probably he just paid a visit to say hello and enjoy a few burgers and the campers ran away from him. You shouldn’t take your chances though, for he might not only be tempted by human food but humans as food, too!



Brilliant Engineering

Not everyone has a boat and to be fair, there’s no need for one for most of us. But what will you do if you end up in a situation where you want to enjoy a nice time in the water with family and relatives?

Well, you don’t just give up in such a situation. Instead, these people made what looks like a yard pool into a makeshift boat! Well, everything that floats is a boat for us.

Plus, this one has a few chairs, a motor, a table, along with a giant umbrella to provide shade!

While this whole setup looks crazy, it is definitely one of the best inventions on this list!



A Good Night’s Sleep

Traveling can be tough, especially when you have to travel nonstop on a motorbike. If your destination place is a bit far, there are chances you are not getting a proper night’s sleep.

It seems these two gentlemen don’t take their sleep lightly and believe in having a good night’s sleep no matter what. To make sure they get some good sleep, they came up with this brilliant setup. While one of them drives, the other one can have a great sleep!

We aren’t sold on this idea completely to be fair, as we don’t think you can sleep like this, but the setup looks innovative. It is also dangerous, so be mindful of that fact before you even think of attempting this!



Here’s Your Breakfast, Sir

There are people who just love the idea of spending their time in the wild, but they cannot live without some nice tea served by their house help in the morning. Well, it is a tough world out there, you know?

It seems this couple wasn’t ready to give up their luxury of having a maid serve them food and drinks, so they found a way to get it served right in their tents!

We aren’t sure they managed that, but it is impressive nonetheless. It sure must be a great feeling to wake up to a nice breakfast and a cup of coffee while you enjoy the sunrise.