65 Unique And Cute Captions For All Your Couple Insta Photos (2 of 4)

If you are not yet official but the two of you are in a group pic by chance

Ugh, so you snapped a great group photo but your crush happens to be just by your side in that pic. You wish to post that cute group pic so badly, but you want to avoid making it seem like you are trying to bring them “in the picture” (even though you are!). The following captions can help you for sure:

  • “So much fun celebrating [write about the event here]!”
  • “Are we not the best-looking group of people you’ve ever seen?”
  • “[insert inside joke from the day here]”
  • “Clique game strong”
  • “Good times with great friends”



If this happens to be your first pic since your relationship became official

Woohoo! It is finally time to piss off all your exes with just one pic, letting them see how you are off the market officially. You can write captions similar to what you will write for your engagement announcement, albeit with lower stakes. Try something along these lines:

  • “[insert any sort of heart emoji here]”
  • “Don’t hate hanging out with [them]”
  • “I guess I’ll keep [them] a while”
  • “Wait, did you guys hear I got a [boyfriend/girlfriend]?”



If it is your partner’s birthday

You can be a little cute and cheesy here, after all, it is your special someone’s birthday! Keep the love flowing through the caption you pick. If you are in the mood to write a really long essay that touches their heart, do it. You can also go for shorter, simpler ways to profess your love for them:

  • “Happy birthday to my favorite human in the world! ILY”
  • “Happy birthday to the most [an adjective that relates to the pic and also describes them] [boyfriend/girlfriend] in the world! I’m the luckiest person on the planet to get to be with you”
  • “Happy birthday, [name]! Thank you for [whatever they do that makes your life better]. Don’t know what I’d do without you. xo”
  • “HBD to the best human to ever grace this Earth”
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