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65 Unique And Cute Captions For All Your Couple Insta Photos

We all know how tough it is to come up with that perfect Instagram caption. You try to write a funny caption and at the same time try to make it sincere too. Clever, but just enough. Cute, yet effortless. Ultimately, you just want to give that cool vibe and make your followers “like” that pic and envy you secretly.

While all Instagram captions can be difficult to conjure, couple pictures take the top spot in terms of sheer stress that one goes through in coming up with that perfect caption.

Whether it is an anniversary pic with your wife, a “hi-meet-my-new-partner” snap, or just some casual pic with your partner, it sometimes feels almost impossible to conjure something up.

To make your task easier, we have compiled a list of not one or two but sixty-five Instagram captions that match most couple situations of all seriousness levels that you can use. Keep scrolling to find the one that fits the bill.


If the two of you went on a trip together

With over a year since any of us has ventured out for a vacation due to the pandemic, we all deserve a little break. If you are headed out for a vacation and want to post those cute vacation pics, the key is to make sure you use a blend of honesty and humor when you come up with a caption that generates a sense of envy in others.

  • “Glad [name] can easily handle my baggage and needs for the beach”
  • “Guess where [name] and I are? Winner gets to not only Like this picture but also buy us a drink [drop Venmo handle]”
  • “You and I go together like salt and sea”
  • “So happy I invited [name] along! It would not really be a vacation without a nice photographer by my side, 24/7”
  • “Vaxxed and neither of us wanted to pay for a wax ✌️



If you are only posting a pic because your Insta feels a bit dry of late

You open Instagram and scroll only to find that you have not posted any pics in weeks. You go through your gallery, edit a couple of pics, and need to figure out something to add as a caption because, let’s face it, you are just fishing for quick likes. The key to this kind of pics is to use a casual caption and use the throwback element of the pic.

  • “Spotted”
  • “Not me posting super old pictures to avoid my to-do list”
  • “Someone invent the time machine so we can go back to [describe the situation/place], plz”
  • “Hey, you’re just scrolling. And this is crazy. But here’s an old pic of me and [name], so Like it maybe”
  • “Wishing I were [describe what’s going on in the picture] with [@handle] instead of pretending to check my emails rn”



If you are still not official but wish to post that adorable pic real bad

Okay, we are going to state it as it is: This post can very easily make you descend into Creepy City, US, so the caption needs to be perfect and without any flaws before you post the pic on Insta. The key is to come up with a caption that is cool and has a completely neutral caption along with it that does not imply even remotely that you and that person are official. You can try these:

  • “Thought I looked cute, probably won’t delete later”
  • “Do I look fantastic here or what?”
  • “Great day [describe what you were doing]”
  • “Peep the [something funny going on in the pic background]”
  • “[emojis to describe what you did, e.g., disco dancer emoji if you were dancing or beer emoji if you were enjoying your drink]”