How To Make Your Relationship Last, Based On Your Zodiac Sign (2 of 4)


You certainly are the loyal type who is willing to go all out for your partner. This can be a good thing, but also create confusion and make your boo think you really like the show they like, but you are just into it because they like it! So, make sure you have set some boundaries, and never allow your partner to take the relationship for granted.




You are a superstar. You just know it, your S.O does as well. However, at times that can make them feel slightly overshadowed by you. In fact, your boo actually wants to have their own sense of identity. Allow them to shine, and show them you can be a fan too.




You are way too fixated on the minute details. So, if your partner doesn’t (or rather, couldn’t) reply to your text right then, you have at least ten different theories why they are actually doing that. Do not do that ever! Trust your partner, and if you cannot, why even bother staying with them?

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