How To Make Your Relationship Last, Based On Your Zodiac Sign (3 of 4)


You try copying your boo in everything. Their favorite restaurant = your favorite restaurant, even when it isn’t really so. You give more than 100% to make that relationship work – even if you end up compromising your interests. You should have your own identity! Tell your partner that you never liked pizza and want tacos instead! Your partner will definitely appreciate that!




When a Scorpio falls for someone, their feelings are hot, intense, and passionate. But if you intend to keep it going that way, you have to let your partner miss you at times. If they spend a day away, they will feel a bit more attracted.




You like to be a free spirit, which means that committing to a relationship can be a bit tough for you. So, when you finally make up your mind to DTR, you are actually serious about that person.

However, if you want to keep that relationship going, you need to allow your partner to see your impulsive vibe. Take them on some adventurous trips that you have never experienced before, even if that is to a nearby town.