How To Make Your Relationship Last, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

People often decide the person they want to go on a date with by their zodiac sign, so what should you do after you fall for that person? They say that the stars always know, but how would you keep the stars in your favor and ensure your date progresses and becomes a long-lasting relationship – the one that lasts certainly more than a few months and ends up with the two of you moving in together? With the help of your stars and a bit of our effort, let us find out how you can keep your LTR actually last long.



Aries Cosmopolitan, Vertebrate, Plant, Dress, Sleeve, One-piece garment, Gesture

You are a bit too pushy at times, and you think you are right most of the time – well, that’s what the sign says, at least! However, in order to keep your relationship going for long, you have to allow your partner to win some of the arguments you have. Remember, you cannot always be right.




Taurus Cosmopolitan, Font, Gesture

As a silent kind of person, you do not usually convey what you feel or need. However, you need to communicate with your S.O and make sure you both know what the expectations are if you want to strengthen your relationship. Remember – no one can read what’s on your mind.




Art, Head, Hairstyle, Facial expression, Human, Eyelash

You certainly love to talk. Okay, that may be an understatement! Whether it is a real-life conversation at a dinner table or texting with your loved one, you are just in ready mode to chat all the time. TBH, it can be a LOT! We know it is a tad difficult, but try not to send 7 texts in a row on a workday! By doing this, you will actually have lots more to share when you finally catch up with your boo!