The Weirdest Beauty Trends Of TikTok Ever Made

The endless beauty advice videos that pop up in our recommended feed on YouTube and through sponsored Instagram posts have set in a homogenous sphere of beauty guides.

However, things began to change with the arrival of TikTok.

And for those unaware, TikTok is a social media platform that is weird, but addictive, partially because of the fact that you get to see short videos instead of longer videos that YouTube has, and also because of the crazy content that it has on offer. From videos of people dancing, lip-syncing, to creating skits, it even has beauty trends videos!

These beauty videos are different from what you would normally see on YouTube or Instagram and are for sure not things that you would try replicating at home. While you would notice that most of these videos start with “how to improve” your looks, the means and ways they outline are downright harmful to you, if not questionable. Obviously, that doesn’t mean you cannot watch them and have fun! We’ve compiled some of the craziest ones here.


Ripping the muscles to pop dimples…literally!

If you were wondering if netizens’ love for freckles was already too much to handle, you should check out their love for dimples. It all began with a simple “dimple challenge” where people showed off their cute dimples, and some tried passing off drawn ones as real. This snowballed into a lot of TikTok users actually damaging their face to get dimples! For instance, one user showed how rubbing one end of the pen on the cheek in a vigorous manner will cause the cheek muscle to tear up and create a small dimple. Well, needless to say, we’ll say that you do not try this (or any of the ones we’ve mentioned) at home (or rather anywhere!).



Filing teeth with a nail file!

Next version of nails on chalkboard version, using a nail file to smoothen your teeth ridges seems to be the next thing on TikTok. Many users have uploaded videos where they displayed how you can shave the ridges and give your teeth an even appearance. And while the results look impressive, there is a price; teeth sensitivity for lifelong and damaged enamel. Yay.