The Weirdest Beauty Trends Of TikTok Ever Made (2 of 2)

Homemade lip plumper

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It is probably the least dangerous one because it was posted by a medical practitioner, so you do not have to worry too much. Dr. Tony Youn made a homemade solution of peppermint oil with lip gloss to get plump lips. However, if you notice a stinging sensation, you have probably used a bit too much.



Nail glue to stick your teeth to the gums

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In a very (disturbing) trend on TikTok, users uploaded videos showcasing how one can use nail paraphernalia to glue gums to the teeth. They applied just a dab of nail glue on the teeth, and that’s it – you’re ready to visit your dentist for the endless pain and rot you are about to suffer shortly!



The fox eye aka the Kendall Jenner look

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Basically, the Kendall Jenner look, here people try to get a facelift without having to undergo surgery. The users shaved off each end of the eyebrow, which is roughly about one-third of the brow to the arch. Kudos, you can now show off perfectly straight brows. You can use any product that you like to draw the brow tips as straight points.




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This was more of a trend where people tried to mimic users who post videos of their nose jobs (even that’s a major thing on TikTok – it has a title “hey yo, nose job check”) without actually going under the knife. Some users fixed clamps on their noses for an hour or so to get the desired look. Well, we aren’t sure if that will get you the results!

TikTok can be an amazing place when you are looking to get entertained. However, when following advice, it’s always better to check with an expert before making an irreversible mistake.