The Most Popular Spring And Summer Fashion Trends Of 2021 (2 of 4)

Easy to wear staples are back

Tulle outfits aside, the SS2021 saw the fashion trends go back to the classic staples that are easy to wear. Over the last few years, we have noticed a collective effort to put brakes on the trend cycle in order to allow people to buy only those outfits that will last for a long time. And since designers had more time at home, they did explore the easy to wear staples this year and showcased a lot of slouchy silhouettes which will make dressing a lot easier for most folks.



Basics with a tweak

We’ve seen designers’ interest back in classic staples and versatile basics this year, and the SS2021 collections show that the focus was more on wardrobe foundations, including trench coats, button-downs, and blazers as part of their offerings this year. However, the designers did give a little tweak and proved that basics do not have to be dull and boring. An oversized shirt was the center of attention at Valentino because of its extravagant pink, while Louis Vuitton made large trench coats that nearly touched the floor.



Loose denim is back

The denim category has made big inroads this year, and Matchesfashion says that there was over fifty percent growth in pieces of denim sales this year. And denim was in vogue across multiple categories, with Gabriella Hearst revealing a stunning indigo dress while Wales Bonner had the perfect button-down dress on offer. However, what gained the most traction was the fact that most silhouettes were replaced with a more comfortable fit this year. Think of the comfort and shape of your jogging pants, but with classic denim. Victoria Beckham too added denim as part of her collection and told The Guardian that she was someone who wore denims for the most part of the lockdown.




While there were lots of extravagant outfits with dozens of hues, monochrome managed to find itself on the trend too. While a few designers experimented with paintbox shades, others stuck with the good ol’ classic monochrome. Natalie Kingham from Matchesfashion points out that monochrome goes very well when the idea is to highlight your accessories. Further, monochrome very rarely disappoints. In fact, anything white or black will always work no matter what the trend. One of the nicest tweaks we noticed at Prada where black loafers were punctuated with logo tank top and white trousers.



Simple layering

The shift towards minimalism of the 90s is back and the SS2021 continued with that trend. We saw a lot of muted colors and clean lines, and this was enhanced with layering this season. White tunics at Wales Bonner were paired up with black trousers, which we expect to see a lot of people emulate this spring.