The Most Popular Spring And Summer Fashion Trends Of 2021

When we look at these spring-summer 2021 fashion trends, we should first take a second to acknowledge all the hard work and dedication that was put in by designers who did not have access to their resources and studios, were far away from their team colleagues and had to face a lot of logistical nightmares. The work wasn’t presented in person, but through live streams, or fashion shows were held but with a limited audience. The good part, though, was that all the chaos surrounding a fashion week was missing, and that allowed designers to focus on what matters best – craftsmanship.

The way we dress dictates how we normally feel, so it was not exactly surprising given the pandemic situation that designers were quite clear and knew what people needed from fashion. They adopted two approaches this year – some tried to create glorious clothes and put joy into the lives of people through clothes, while others focused on designing the classics that were easy and comfortable to wear. This is precisely why you will notice we have a ball gown section and a slippers section!

People seemed a lot more optimistic than we would have imagined with the designers focusing on designs that acted as an antidote for all the loungewear in the world after lockdown – think colorful hues, OTT outfits, and the floral prints. Most designers are expecting people to go for the OTT outfits that project a joyous and sunny mood. Designer Halpern from London Fashion Week says that he took cues from the same sentiments while creating designs for this year’s outfits.

There was still a lot of confusion around what exactly we will be doing this year, so we have outlined the styles and trends that can find a place in our wardrobe for this year and beyond. Keep scrolling to find the most beautiful, stylish, and trendy looks we saw in SS2021.


Gorgeous dresses from Cecilie Bahnsen, Molly Goddard, and Halpern

While occasionwear did not find much place in anyone’s wardrobes last year, optimistic designers decided to create the most extravagant of dresses for whenever the weddings are rescheduled this year. Tulle layers! Full skirts! The outfits we saw were all not only stunning, but also flamboyant and crazy. Net-a-Porter seems to have gone all out for this category as they bought over three thousand dresses and had more than ten thousand outfits for the season. Two outfits that really gained traction were the Jacquemus white gown and the Molly Goddard huge tulle yellow dress.



Slinky black dress

The designers also seemed keen on experimenting with the ‘naked dress’, using a lot of slinky outfits, racy cut-outs, and body-con. However, what really made the mark were black outfits. Moda Operandi’s and Jacquemus’s black slip outfits were one of the top-selling dresses from pre-orders. Similar was the case with designers like Victoria Beckham and Khaite who focused on dresses that had neckline cut-outs, mix of fabrics, and strap detailing to go with. This seems like a good fit for a post-covid era wardrobe when you host your drink parties and want to try wearing something extravagant.



Trends for the beach

‘Escapism’ seems to be one trend that quite a few designers found interesting for the SS2021. While no one did it the way Versace did, which featured those extravagant emblazoned starfish on outfits and Hawaiian shirts. Recent data suggests that poolside outfits are expected to grow this year, and the designers made sure we had plenty of options to pick from.



The feel-good prints

If rainbow patterns were the go-to motif for SS2020, this year is not really different either, with designers expressing hope and positivity through their outfits. Gabriella Hearst’s swirly pants and Christopher John Rogers’ stripes were the popular trends people identified with.



The bright pinks

Many designers had a positive outlook for this year, and that showed in their designs as well, where they opted for bright, bold colors in a wide array of textures and fabrics. The stand-out color amongst them all was clearly pink, and we saw a lot of hot pinks, watermelons, and fuchsias. We can certainly expect this trend going forward as well. Molly Goddard‘s outfit paired with a ruffled skirt was the trendy outfit along with Roksanda’s maxi dress.