These Nail Sculptures By Soph Parkinson Are Nothing But Brilliant And Genius

Items such as a crane, a Fairy liquid bottle, or a Newton’s Cradle might seem like everyday items to you, but for Soph Parkinson, these are all pieces of art waiting to unleash their full glory. The self-taught London-based nail artist has a knack for turning these items into stunning nail looks.

Parkinson wasn’t into nail sculptures up until recently, when her friend introduced her to the art. Soph made full use of the lockdown and started with the easier designs initially, using her pop culture idols as inspirations. From Basquiat and Matisse to Lilo & Stitch, she recreated all of them as press on, and slowly her life was taking a new turn.


She concedes that she wasn’t sure of the power of nail looks in the beginning. But once she got a hang of it, she realized how thrilling and amazing it was to let the UV light freeze liquid substances. And that led to a spark that opened endless possibilities for Parkinson.

Soph’s designs include nails looking like a miniature street scene and crystal chandeliers. She points out that designs such as these make her feel great, and make the nail art joyful. She also seems hopeful about the prospects of nail art in the industry, as more and more people are now starting to follow trends. She adds that she would like to see that day when nail art becomes an essential part of our everyday life, and can assist us in doing things.

Soph Parkinson spent most part of her childhood in Finsbury Park, Tottenham, and Camden Town where she was looked after by her grandmother. She recollects how her grandmother would take her and her siblings to London where she would get to see multiple art exhibitions.

The art exhibitions did inspire Parkinson as she started with creative stuff ever since she was a child. She also studied sculpture from Central Saint Martins recently, and that shows in her creativity. On quizzing about how she got into nail arts, she reveals that she was introduced to it by some of her friends and she was instantly hooked. She started experimenting with cartoon characters and popular art pieces and the love for art kept growing in her.