The Biggest Instagram, Pinterest And TikTok Beauty Trends Of 2021

It is quite reasonable to say that the year 2020 has caused significant disruptions when it comes to beauty trends. With no movie premieres, red carpet events, or even post-work drinks with colleagues, there certainly have been far lesser chances of trying out new makeup styles last year.

Though it seems that we are not really going anywhere far from that lifestyle this year either. Hence, there is more focus on taking care of our skincare routine, or the Pinterest term for it, “skinimalism”, which urges people to take care of their skin and allow the natural texture of the skin to show its true glory.

On the other hand, there is lots and lots of free time on our hands to try and experiment with something new. A lot of us are just stocked up with makeup bags, which will help grow the colorful cosmetics like glitter details, the eyeshadow designs from the 80s in 2021, along with some other cool stuff like wash-out tints, wigs, and protective braids.

And since we are seeing each other a lot less than we used to anyway, it is the popular social media platforms that are now setting the beauty trends in 2021. So far, we’ve noticed these specific beauty trends take off.


The 80s vibe

We all are riding the 90s wave, but Gen Z and Millennials are winding even further back, to the evergreen 80s, when mums were trying out the teen fashion trends. Those perms, the OTT shadow, and the curls? We are noticing the appeal is back for that era, and people are ready to make their modern tweaks to 80s trends. #myparentslook is a major trend on TikTok where popular creators are trying to recreate beauty trends going off their mum’s yearbook and the wedding album. For inspiration, you can check out Katie Jane Hughes’s 80s looks and styles on Instagram.

Danielle Marcan has also tried it out on her TikTok channel.



Pastel Liner

Pastel liner has gained immense popularity last year with more and more people making the switch to this makeup routine to liven up things a bit. By switching your black liner with a pastel, for instance, it adds a new design twist. Also, just make sure you are applying tons of mascara to pair it up. Check out @freshlengths who was seen rocking amazing baby blue shades with fresh mint. You can match your dress to make it even better.



Small brands make it big

If pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that we need to go “vocal for local”. By supporting local businesses, we can help save countless jobs and make sure the economy stays strong even in tough times. The beauty industry has also taken cues from this, and we are witnessing more and more people buying from smaller brands such as Uoma Beauty and Neighbourhood Botanicals.