The Biggest Instagram, Pinterest And TikTok Beauty Trends Of 2021 (2 of 3)

Maximalist eye-makeup

While a lot of people have opted for minimalism on the makeup, others have decided it is time to go all out. Since a lot of people are wearing less and less face makeup, they’ve probably decided to compensate for that in the eye-makeup. From glitter flashes to graphic liners and rainbow eyeshadows, folks are trying to get over the negativity of the whole lockdown situation. And it is something one can try even after the pandemic is over, as it would be really cool to show off all the amazing eye-makeup ideas you have.




The pandemic has affected our lifestyle, and going to the hairdressers is impossible due to the lockdown. There is a solution. After trying out haircutting, braiding, and coloring it as part of our hair maintenance over the past twelve months, it seems that the best way to experiment with colors and length is to try out wigs.

Wigs come in all qualities and prices, so do research a bit about the kind you are going for. If you find a good fit for your needs, do not hesitate on spending a few more bucks as you can use it for years. There are tons of options, which include Dollhouse London, BeautyStack, and AP Wigs to name a few. If you are just trying to experiment with it, you can try out the inexpensive and more colorful options from Shein and Annabelle’s Wigs. For tutorials, you can head over to TikTok and check out videos from influences like @nyane on how to color them or how to cut them. So, if you are someone who always wanted to try out teal strands, perhaps this is the best time.



Protective hairstyles

The pandemic was worse in so many ways, but it also gave a reason to go slow on our hairstyles and made us realize how important hair care and protection are. Now, everyone is looking for braids that are low maintenance and look stunning without harming the hair.

Braids are often discouraged because of the amount of traction and pressure they apply on our scalps, causing hair damage. So, now people tend to focus more on protective hairstyles that do not harm the scalp and hair as much.

“Knotless box braids”, for instance, have witnessed more than a 150% increase in sales over the last few months. “Bubble plaits”, similarly, are up by 135%, while “wool braid styles” have shot up by 145%. You can check out Shanell Khan, who is trying out cool styling ideas with Coke cans!