The Hidden Meanings Behind Some Of The Most Common Dreams

Everyone is fascinated by dreams, but still, it remains one of the most puzzling things one can experience. Most people disregard dreams as just dreams, while some tend to draw different meanings of their dreams. Regardless, dreams are not always too obvious which makes it difficult to understand the deeper meaning behind that dream. Thankfully, the science of interpreting dreams can help you understand the deep meaning of your dream and put you right back on the correct path.

So, what exactly does a dream where we cannot find our shoes mean? Or, a dream where we are blind? Should you be concerned if you see a dream where you get a divorce? From being stripped of our clothes in a crowd to getting abducted by aliens and to the more common dreams, we dissect everything and help you understand what your dream is trying to tell you. Keep scrolling to find out what these 60 common dreams mean for you.


Speaking with an accent

When you have a dream where you are trying to speak with a typical southern accent or some strange accent you cannot make out, it could be either negative or positive – strongly depending on not the kind of accent you spoke, but the manner in which people react to your accent. J.M DeBord in his The Dream Interpretation Dictionary talks about how if your accent draws a positive response from other people means that you are feeling confident, while a negative response could mean that you are feeling insecure.



A ‘Dream’ affair

A dream where you are cheating on your partner is not an indication that you are trying to cheat on your partner in real life or being unfaithful to them. According to DeBord, the dream could be tied to your feeling of being trapped and wanting something different. For example, you are thinking of leaving your job and living a nomadic life on a beach, and the dream signifies that your desire is getting stronger. Or, this specific dream could also point towards you trying to explore new intellectual or artistic pursuits.



A cat

Having cats in your dream can be a bad omen, according to DeBord. Cats are usually a sign of disloyalty or deception among someone close to you. If you spotted a black cat in your dream, it could mean there is an illness just around the corner. And if you chase it away, the same dream could turn out to be a stroke of positive luck in your life!



A dog

Dogs are usually considered friendly and can indicate that your times ahead are good, but a dog snarling at you in your dream might indicate that a close person should not be trusted.

And if you end up being bitten by that dog, then that close person is already planning and plotting something sinister against you. On the other hand, a barking dog is a sign of potential legal trouble coming your way in the future.



An airport

Sure, we all get nervous about flights at times, but you being present at one of the airports in the dream signifies you are going through a change or transition. Airports are points where you depart, and it being in your dream means that you are letting go of old practices or beliefs that belonged to a previous part of your life. It also means that you are prepared for a new start, and it is finally time for you to take off!



An alien abduction

If you see yourself getting abducted by extraterrestrials in your dream, it indicates that you are struggling because of a scenario that is hostile or unfamiliar, in your regular life. In his book The Hidden Meaning of Dreams, Craig Hamilton-Parker writes that the very first thing you should do is to try and ascertain what this aspect of your life might be. For instance, you might be behaving in a very ‘alien’ way in recent times that is bothering you.



Being bald

Just like losing one’s teeth, losing hair in your dream might mean you are feeling a sense of helplessness or lack of vigor. However, it could also have a positive meaning for you. DeBord says that baldness may also mean a fresh, clean start for your mind. It could also mean a sense of consonance and maybe your sense of feeling lost in the corporate culture.



Playing sports

If you find yourself trying your hand at any sport or sprinting in a dream, it does not mean something extraordinary – only if you already do those things in real life. However, if you are not a regular sports person, then such a dream indicates that you are pushing yourself a bit too much in your life and you should be careful not to overdo it. It could also mean that you are wary of rivals or feeling competitive at your job.




Similar to sports, if you are someone who does baking and cooking all day, then seeing yourself do the same in your dream might not be of any significance. However, it could indicate something deep, if you do not cook a lot, Hamilton-Parker adds. For instance, if you see yourself whipping something up, it could signify that you are almost ready to put your plans into action. Similarly, baking might indicate pregnancy, or that you want to be pregnant.



An armor

If you see yourself wearing armor in your dream, it does not mean that you are trying to protect a damsel in distress. Instead, it means that you are trying to protect yourself emotionally from someone or something that is bothering you. Hamilton-Parker says that one should try to figure out what is fueling such a fear in you. Who knows, you might realize that you should not be too worried about it, after all.