The Hidden Meanings Behind Some Of The Most Common Dreams (2 of 6)

Dreaming about another person

Dreaming about a person you like or love simply means that you are too passionate about them. However, if you dream about your partner hanging out with a different person, it does not imply they are cheating on you. It could just indicate that you are not as attached to your everyday life as other people are to theirs.




If you see yourself dying in your dream or feel like you are about to die, it does not mean you are about to actually die in your regular life or you have some sort of illness that will take away your life. It could simply mean that some aspect of your life might be about to end. Dreaming about one’s own death means that there is a near-death for something in your life, says Jane Teresa Anderson, who hosts The Dream Show podcast. However, how you end up reacting to your own death can indicate a whole lot of things.



…But what if you feel relaxed about your death in your dream?

If your experience of death in your dream is peaceful, then that means you are prepared to let go of something in your life and ready for the new to take over. Or, it could mean you are ready to let off a person finally, says Anderson.



…And when one is scared of dying?

If you are overwhelmed and panicked at the very thought of dying in your dream, then that means you are not quite ready to let go of someone or something in your life yet.



A dream ‘bird’

Seeing a bird in your dream means that you are anticipating a message from another person.

Birds were used and seen as messengers since time immemorial, and if you spot one in your dream, it is a clear sign that you are waiting for a message from someone. Dream expert and psychologist Michael Lennox in his book on dreams, Dream Sight: A Dictionary and Guide for Interpreting Any Dream talks about how birds were used as messengers in Nordic mythology, where Odin himself was seen with a couple of ravens traveled around the world to bring vital information to him.



Teeth falling out

If you feel your teeth falling out in your dream, it could mean that some aspects of your life are out of your control, or you may have recently lost your job. In such a scenario, you might dream of losing your teeth. Ian Wallace, a psychologist says that teeth symbolize how powerful we feel about ourselves, and teeth falling out in a dream indicates that our confidence is starting to crumble due to some aspects of our life.



Traveling on a plane

If you see yourself on an airplane in your dream, it could indicate that you are starting to feel the rapid changes taking place in life. Just like the airplane flies off to the sky in a grand way and heads for the destination, we could be facing a similar situation in life, and dreaming of sitting on an airplane could signify that, says Lennox. And since the airplane is the fastest way to travel around the world, it perfectly syncs with sudden and grand changes taking place in our life which can spill over in our dream.



One of your limbs are gone

If you have a dream where one of your limbs is missing, then it is a sign that something in you or your work is lacking mobility or ability. If you see yourself without one of your legs, it signifies the fact that you are unable to stay grounded, whereas both missing legs indicate that you are stuck on your path due to something.



Losing your head

Though very rare, losing your head in a dream might signify that you are gradually losing your identity or something is affecting your thought process in a negative manner.



Intimacy with your coworker

If you see yourself in bed with your coworker in a dream, it does not directly imply that you want to be intimate with them. Anderson points out that it could signify that they have some positive qualities that you really like and admire, and want to emulate those qualities yourself.