23 Ordinary Photos Of People That Look Way Too Much Like Hollywood Celebrities

At one point or another we all have had this secret desire to look like our favorite celebrity one day. While some go on to replicate the hairstyles and dresses in order to look as similar to their celeb crush as possible, others are blessed by the gods and end up looking exactly like them.

Slavorum is a popular Facebook page dedicated to showcasing the history, culture, and events of Slavic culture to the world. This time, however, they decided to go for something unique. They paired photos of ordinary Slavic folks with popular celebrities and it was not long before it went viral. We are quite sure you would fail to notice a difference between them if you came across them on the streets!

In a recent interview, Slavorum revealed that the main focus on the page when they started was to showcase the Slavic culture to the world. However, with time, they realized that there has to be a fun element if they had to make their website and page more popular amongst people. This refreshing idea was a great way to attract people from around the world who could see and appreciate the people and the culture more. And when more and more people started recognizing themselves in the Slavic people and their culture, the page decided to do a little story where they showed how they have people who literally look like other strangers from other parts of the world, especially popular celebs!

You can check out this unique collection of ordinary Slavic folks and the celebrity they look like, in the gallery down below!


Jennifer Lawrence

Starting off with a super striking doppelganger of this popular Hollywood star. Now, just hold your excitement – there’s so much more to see!



Nicole Kidman

This photo is a proof that with the right angles you can get not only decent selfies and showcase your best looks, but may even end up looking just like a celebrity!



Emilia Clarke

The outfit and the hat is what makes this resemblance even more jaw-dropping and confusing.



Allan Rickman Aka Severus Snape

Okay, now this is the kind of accidental shot that you both want to keep looking at more and see more similarities, but you also really want to unsee it.



Justin Bieber

Okay, this is getting pretty uncanny and a little bit scary! You just can’t tell them apart!