20 Best Ways To Ask Your Crush Out And Never Get No For An Answer (2 of 4)

I’ve been looking at my apartment for months now. Could I have a look inside your apartment instead?

I’m curious if you have one of those places with a ceiling and four walls.



I would have preferred to ask you out, but with all things closed due to the pandemic, maybe I could ask you in?

Classic “Takeout and Make out” move!


Can you tell your boss that the Wi-Fi isn’t working so we could go and grab some lunch together?

Or, you could just reschedule all the emails for today.



Are you still in need of a haircut? I feel pretty confident in my abilities after watching a bunch of TikTok videos.

Perhaps a tiny trim!



I concede that I suck at preparing meals, but I’m definitely amazing at ordering those Postmates. Maybe you’d like to join?

Couple eating sushi together in new home

I promise I always order an extra ranch.