20 Best Ways To Ask Your Crush Out And Never Get No For An Answer

You are planning on texting your crush who you’ve been dying to ask out for quite a while now, and you cannot figure out a cheesy way other than memes to do so. Sure, sharing funny memes or Spotify playlists can be quite cute and everything, but at the end of the day, you would want to see them in person, right? So, after you’re done with the COVID testing and fixed your pod, it is now time to craft a bunch of funny texts that could get you a “yes” for a date.

Before the COVID-era, inviting your crush on a date was as simple as inviting them to one of your favorite bars or just hanging out at a restaurant. However, with almost zero social activity these days, dating during the quarantine period can be a little difficult and intimidating. Should you ask them to come over at your place? Should they invite you to their place? Find an equidistant place to hang out? There are endless questions and zero answers.

We agree that dating during these tough times isn’t going to be as cute as you would have imagined, but you can still find a plethora of cute ways to date your crush. All you have to do is just think a little out of the box and you will find yourself a great way of hanging out with the person you like.

And if you are unsure with the pickup lines, we’ve compiled a list of twenty texts that will certainly make your favorite person laugh and ease those nerves before the date.


Would you like to do a podcast with me? (Let’s just drink lots of wine and talk)

Starting a podcast is the millennial way.



Let’s hang out at my place and think about all the amazing places we would have visited if it wasn’t a global pandemic.

I’m thinking of a Beyoncé concert, laser tags, and basically any place that serves mouth-watering pizza!



Would you have some coffee at my place and explain what the GameStop thing really is?

Literally a dozen people have tried explaining and it honestly still doesn’t make any sense!



Please help me fix my plants!

All I look for in people is a gentle heart and a green thumb.



Would you like to share a meal? I’ve ordered takeout enough to feed eight people.

Saying no to those silverware packets was difficult.