Top Ten Most Common Dreams About Your Crushes And The Meaning Behind Them

Wait! Did you dream about your crush today? You just confessed, your crush reciprocated your feelings, and you both were slightly bending in for a kiss….. and, not the nose, but the alarm clock went off? Now, you want to know what this dream exactly means? Congratulations, you are just at the right place. To dream about your love interest is natural. However, what does it suggest if one dreams about their crush?

To put it simply, you are dreaming about your crush because you were thinking about them all day long. Lauri Loewenberg, a registered dream analyst, states that whatever thoughts consume our mind, we dream about it. It is very typical to dream about your crush, as this is just a way for your mind to explore different possibilities.

It is not especially important to dream about only the person you are presently crushing on, said Loewenberg. You might even dream about a long-forgotten crush of yours, or a celebrity crush, or maybe an unfamiliar and non-existent lover. None of this is weird at all. Though not harmful in any way, these dreams may turn into something terrifying; you may even be dreaming about your crush rejecting you or even them dying. Dreams tell you something, and they are not just mere dreams. With the help of some expert advice, here we are decoding for you what these dreams mean exactly-


What does it exactly mean to dream about your existing crush?

Truth be told, dreaming about the person you are currently crushing on is quite normal. Well, you think about that person all day. Loewenberg said that by dreaming about the person you are crushing on, you get the opportunity to explore the possibilities of what it would be like when you finally confess. Dreams make you aware of your inner feelings.

If you are always dreaming about this certain someone, then maybe it’s finally time for you to confess; that’s what your subconsciousness wants to tell you.



What if you are dreaming about someone crushing on you?

Will this not be a good dream, though? As Loewenberg states, if you are dreaming about someone crushing on you, then may it’s you crushing on yourself; that is, you are just accentuating certain qualities you like about yourself. And if the person in your dreams is complimenting you, then probably you are just complimenting yourself.

She also says that if dreaming about that person crushing on you gives you butterflies, then perhaps you are crushing on that person in real life, and if the idea of them crushing on you doesn’t excite you, you surely don’t like them back. According to her, dreams can work as a communication channel between you and your intuition.



Did your crush die in your dream?

It is certainly not a sweet dream for many; it is a nightmare. Who will want their crush to die?

No one, not even in a fantasy world. Loewenberg interprets it as a way for dreams telling us that we no longer have a crush; that is, we don’t harbor any romantic feeling for that person anymore. This may be a way for your subconsciousness to tell you this is not the right kind of person for you, and you should just forget about them and get on with your life.