Top Ten Most Common Dreams About Your Crushes And The Meaning Behind Them (2 of 3)

Why did you dream about a celebrity crush of yours?

Were you dreaming about getting married to your celebrity crush? We do that all the time. You are not the only guilty one. Considering Loewenberg’s words, we can just guess why you are doing that; maybe you like certain qualities of that celebrity and want to adopt them yourself, perhaps you love their dry humor, or maybe it’s their words dripping with sarcasm that attract you to them. It can be anything. You just have a massive crush on that celebrity.



In your dream, you were crushing on a different gender altogether?

You are a girl, and you are crushing on a girl in your dreams, even though throughout your life you’ve liked just boys? Well, don’t freak out; your dream is not notifying you that you are secretly gay, even though there’s no problem with that. Your dreams are just illustrating certain qualities you would like to find in your partner, and that’s what Loewenberg said. So if you were crushing on a girl in your dreams, maybe you just love sensitive people and want to find the same in your partner.



Are you dreaming about an old crush?

Not going to say that it’s not common to fantasize about your old crush; it happens sometimes.

As Loewenberg put it, maybe you are dating someone new, and this person is reminding you of someone you used to like in the past. Hence, it is bringing up memories of that person.

Or maybe your present circumstance is something that is digging up some memories from the past. You can certainly take help from these dreams to take the right decision and not end up committing the same mistake again.