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Interracial Beauty – Can You Guess The Origins Of These Mixed Girls? (2 of 3)

With this girl’s prominent eyes, you get a hint that she is of some Asian descent. And you’d be right, as she is mixed Filipino and Irish!



This beauty right here might be quite difficult to guess, but she is mixed Indian and Australian. Now, that you look at her again, her facial features do have a strong resemblance of her Indian origin.



If you looked at this girl and thought that she must be of Irish or Scottish descent – you were right! Well, at least you got half of the answer right now, as she is of Irish and Native American descent.



Here is another girl with Irish origins – that’s a hint for you. But if her features weren’t very clear for you – then here is the full answer for you – she is Irish and Mexican.


Yes, here is another very tricky one, so we’re gonna give you the answer outright – she is mixed Native American and white.