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Interracial Beauty – Can You Guess The Origins Of These Mixed Girls? (3 of 3)

There is some obvious photo editing done on this one, so it might not be very clear to guess – so here it is for you – she is Ukrainian and Nicaraguan.



Again, the photo is a bit edited and the features are not very clear under all the makeup and retouching done here. The girl is mixed Mexican and Russian (you probably thought of that after seeing her tattoos).

This girl mentioned with the original post that her friend convinced her to post a selfie of herself, and well, she is indeed a beauty. With obvious Asian features this girl is of half Thai and half Swedish descent.



Next up on our list is this girl with not two, but three different ethnic backgrounds – she is mixed Thai, Cherokee and African American!



Last on our list is this gorgeous girl. Indeed, there’s a lot of makeup there, though she is in fact mixed Mexican and white.

Now, how many of those did you get or were you like us – too distracted with their beauty?!