Top 10 Movies With The Cutest Couples

There are several elements that a movie can use to capture the audience’s attention and convince them to watch a film over and over again. You’ve got amazing lines, intense battles, convincing characters, and epic adventures. However, even the less action-packed films have their charm and ways of convincing people. Instead of the big explosions and epic fights, you have the relationships that are forged in the films.

It’s for this reason why romantic comedies are scaled more on the epic and over-the-top love story of two characters, rather than big explosions and fighting. The characters have immense depth to them if they want to be blockbuster films that get watched for decades to come. If the movie is able to put together a solid and shippable couple, then they have a very successful film.

Below we’ve picked out some of the most captivating film couples over the years. If you haven’t seen these films, we’d highly recommend you to check them out too.



Released in 2016, this indie film had quite the run that year. It ended up winning the Academy Award for Best Picture. It was a huge step forward, since this film was an all-black cast and an LGBTQ one.

Part of the huge success naturally came down to the relationship that was shared between Chiron and Kevin, which audiences were allowed to see evolve as the boys matured into young men. What peaked the interest was Chiron’s innocent feelings towards Kevin that ultimately makes them such a cute couple – despite the story not ending in the way audiences would’ve hoped for.



To All The Boys Trilogy

A Netflix series that has helped revitalize the teen romantic comedy genre is To All The Boys.

The franchise is based on the New York Times Best Seller series with the same name, and which Netflix brought to the screen.

For those not familiar with it, it starts off with characters Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean starting to fake date. However, like most of these types of movie tropes, the pair starts to fall in love and find something very real and special in each other.

The realism sinks in further as the audience can relate to Lara Jean’s anxieties about being in a relationship for the first time and Peter being a charming and innocent boy. It’s a high school couple that pulls audiences into the magic of finding love all over again during high school.



Dirty Dancing

When you think of iconic couples in cinema, this ‘80s classic is one that comes to mind. Both Johnny and Baby are stellar in these roles and form such an amazing bond despite their massive differences.

Similar to Westside Story, the couple come from vastly different backgrounds. Baby is from a well-off family and can’t dance at all, while Johnny is a working-class young adult who lives for dancing. Despite all this, the two form such a cute couple and perform one of the most iconic dance sequences in cinema history.