Celebrities That Destroyed Their Own Careers Forever

Life in Tinseltown isn’t that easy after all. The light gleams an instant and then it’s dark once again. Bad movie reviews, social media, controversies, or just about anything can ruin your career in Hollywood. With so many competing to be on the top, it’s only a handful of people who have managed to survive. Nevertheless, these celebs ruined their own careers one way or the other. Read on to find out how. Make a guess: Which actress lost her career to a nose job?


Steve Harvey’s unforgettable and unforgivable mistake

Harvey has done many famous talk shows and award shows. Seeing him as a host on the show Family Feud with his funny punchlines and smooth ways, everybody thought he’s someone who could do no wrong. Well, until this huge blunder, obviously.

If you watched the 2015 Miss Universe Competition, you most likely remember the mistake he made, and if you didn’t, let us tell you. Steve Harvey was hosting the competition live on TV when he announced the wrong person. Not just announced, well, he crowned that wrong person. Gasp! Also, even after this big botch, Harvey is still hosting their show, so we can guess just how beloved he is.



Kanye West’s ever-evolving drama

Okay, we cannot possibly talk about Hollywood drama and not mention Kanye West, can we? From his interrupting Taylor Swift’s award-winning speech to his attention-grabbing lyrics, West always finds a way of being in the gossip headlines. There have been speculations that he usually does dramatic things before dropping an album to draw attention to himself. But despite his offensive lyrics and arrogant manners, West has never failed to make a comeback in the industry and remains one of the most popular celebs.



The Dixie Chicks’ error

The Dixie Chicks was a girl group with their name on the top of many charts and many worshipping fans. Their country-meets-pop music got their huge fanbase totally doting on them.

They were doing good until that one political comment that resulted in their unseating. There’s no point in going into details for now, but we can say that their comment cost them a plethora of fans and eventually their career.



Tiger Woods’ staining scandal

Without a doubt, Tiger Woods is one of the best golfers of all time. It was great to see him make a goal after goal after goal each time he played. But even the best of the people have dark times in their life. In 2009, his love life was scandalized and everything about it was put on magazine covers. It cost him the support of many of his sponsors, and hence – cost him his roaring career. After losing a huge number of fans and dollars, the gold celebrity is finally making his way back to the green course and it’s fun to see him shine again.