13 Best Tiktok Accounts For Fresh Style Guides And Fashion Inspiration

Gone are the days when TikTok was just a meaningless app where unemployed teenagers made funny videos or danced to viral tracks. In the tech age we’re living in, anything is possible. TikTok has evolved from being a cringey waste of time to an online platform that you can rely on for outfit ideas, fashion tips, and style guides. It’s now encouraging the youngsters to find their own style. Recently, three amazingly creative TikTok fashion influencers made their way to the New York Fashion Week and surprised us with their unique and stylish looks through the TikTok lens.

These fashion creators shooting short videos from locations as random as their closets or terraces have changed the way we look at the fashion world. We no longer have to take sneak peeks into that world through international models. We can now take the front row seat to the glamourous world of fashion and discover our own unique style.

Apart from these chosen creators who rocked our minds at the New York Fashion Week (@GhostHoney, @Cosette, and @TayHage), there are many other inspiring fashionistas on TikTok. We’ve shortlisted a few of them who you can follow for your daily dose of fashion and beauty ideas. So, whether you’re already watching TikTok videos for fashion content, or you’re looking for inspiration, this list will let you know who to follow for what.


Ariam, @iambrattyb

From showing off funky yet wearable outfits to battling racism in her own way, Ariam is creating world-class content on TikTok. Her recent “Decades of Black Beauty” series provides insight into Black beauty trends from the past. Given her unmatchable beauty skills, she was also featured in Allure recently. She does featured-looks with matching makeup, which is interesting as much as it’s beautiful. She often indulges in cosplay through her aesthetic-inspired looks.



Brittany Xavier, @brittany.xavier

Xavier started her content-creating journey on Instagram. She first gained followers on Instagram and then moved to TikTok. She features her teenage daughter regularly in her videos, sometimes wearing matching outfits, giving major mother-daughter goals. While the street-style look is the major vibe in her videos, she doesn’t shy away from high-fashion pieces. Her content includes many videos offering styling and fashion advice to her viewers, like how to wear a simple blazer in a stylish way, how to wear ordinary items in a way that they look expensive, etc.



Soph, @tinygirlbigsclothes

Are you devoted to oversized and stylish clothing items? Soph is just the person you need to follow for outfit inspiration. From huge hats to cute bandanas to other eclectic items, this “tiny girl” makes everything look stylish. She provides a wide range of content to her followers, in the forms of DIY fashion items, shopping hauls (both offline and online), sneak-peeks into her closet, and much more. She’s audacious and encourages her followers to do just the same, to be true to their own selves. She’s really just inspiring people to discover their own style and wear whatever they like.