13 Best Tiktok Accounts For Fresh Style Guides And Fashion Inspiration (2 of 4)

Anna, @Glittersandlazers

True to her handle name, Anna glitters in all her videos with bright-colored outfits, bold prints, and unique fashion ideas. She seems to have a lot of fun dressing up in her videos and encourages her viewers to jump outside their comfort zones in terms of fashion and style.



Chriselle Lim, @chrisellelim

Chriselle’s videos show off her unbelievably amazing style and her absolutely adorable baby.

This oh-so-cute account provides dress-up guides that you just can’t get enough of.



Bria Jones, @heybriajones

If you’re looking for a TikTok account, which has a friendly vibe, but is yet amazingly stylish, Bria Jones should be your go-to. She recently did a video series in which she created outfits inspired by celebrities and TikTok stars, in which she makes everything look unimaginably easy. Her content also includes a range of videos containing helpful tips, like how to repurpose your wardrobe items, how to use hair accessories to complete a look, and many more.