25 Foods You Must Try At Least Once In Your Lifetime (2 of 5)


This is one of those delicate foods that if done wrong, you’ll never even think of having tripe again. However, if you do it right by cooking it in a tangy tomato sauce or serving it deep-fried along with some breadcrumbs and green sauce, you’ll probably end up forgetting the origin of this food – which is actually the inner lining of intestines!



Dulce de leche

A traditional South American caramel sauce with a thick consistency, dulce de leche is for many a true dessert for obvious reasons. This one is available in cans and jars and you can use it as a topping or filling for cakes, chocolates, or even eat it spoonful straight out of the can!




The first image that comes to mind when you think of truffles is the chocolate treat. We aren’t talking about that here. This rare fungus grows in the forests, and the process of collecting it – using pigs or dogs for sniffing it – means that the price is simply exorbitant and out of reach for ordinary folks like us. You can try sampling the oil, though. Or, if you get your hands on some of these wild truffles, you can use them in pasta, or add them to the scrambled eggs.



Chia seeds

These tiny seeds are densely packed with nutrition, which contains omega-3, protein, calcium among other minerals. You can sprinkle chia seeds into the porridge or whizz them to blend a fine smoothie, or even add them to your salads.




Korean food has made inroads in the most popular restaurants around the world, thanks to the amazing culinary delight that it is. If you want to try making some at home, though, you can make some yourself  easily and serve with hot bibimbap-style pot of rice. This fermented vegetable condiment is basically the ketchup of Korean homes and you can sample it with any Korean recipe and it would surely tickle your taste buds.