25 Foods You Must Try At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Food habits change over time, and so do the culinary treats people relish most of the time. From special cuts of meats to exotic spices and herbs that go along with them, chefs keep coming up with amazing (and bizarre, at times!) recipes for us. That said, there are some foods that you should try at least once in your lifetime. Without further ado, let’s check out those 25 culinary delights!


Razor Clams

While you must have already had the clams that usually have a heart-shaped shell to them, these ones actually contain a lot more meat and have a distinctive tubular section.

You can grill these on a barbecue, steam cook them with some cider or wine, or even try them cured with some chili and lime juice!




Next on our list is the Welsh laverbread. A punchy dish that consists of seaweed and a special food item that only grows in Wales, you cannot miss out on trying this one. Thankfully, you can just get it online. Try having it as part of your breakfast with some eggs, or fish soup, or even just with a pinch of sea salt.




While you cannot really count this one on your list of healthy foods, this rare Italian delicacy is made from pig’s fat that is surely much more lip-smacking than it sounds. You can try this food with crusty bread or pickles, just like you would with other charcuterie, or you can stir it up with some pasta or even use it as a topping for pizza.



Goji Berries

One can always eat berries without thinking about it twice. These are no different, either.

Just visit one of your nearest food stores and pick up some for yourself. You can eat the dried ones straight from the box or even try them with some nuts, or use them to top your cereal or cake.



Wild Garlic

Unlike the regular shape, the wild garlic is all leaves and packs much more flavor than the traditional one. Think of it like the chives. You can eat it raw in salads, whizz it up in soups, or even make some pesto with it. You can’t honestly go wrong with wild garlic. But with our next food on the list, you don’t really know!