16 Most Overrated Hollywood Celebrities (2 of 4)

Victoria Beckham

How she got famous? Through Spice Girls, her pop girl group, where she was nicknamed Posh Spice.

Why is she overhyped? Let’s be blunt, she cannot sing, she cannot act, she’s apparently a “homely” wife. She’s got millions, but no real talent. So, what exactly does Victoria do? Victoria plays with outfits.



Vin Diesel

How he got famous? Through multiple Fast and Furious films.

Why is he overhyped? Okay, where do we start? Diesel’s not good-looking, has doubtful acting skills, is said to be greatly unprofessional. And yet, he remains an overpaid actor with a net worth of $60 million.



Kim Kardashian

How she got famous? By a very popular sex tape.

Why is she overhyped? Though she has tried her hand at acting, singing, and modeling, we can’t really say where she belongs and why is she so darn famous.



Nicole Kidman

How she got famous? By staying married to Tom Cruise for 10 years.

Why is she overhyped? She’s literally said to have a frozen face and has clearly gone past her prime age, but somehow still manages to grab a few roles in Hollywood. We’re not sure how she does that though.