10 Supermodels That Rose to Fame Through Instagram (2 of 3)

Toks Adewetan

Initially, an assistant teacher, Adewetan’s career as a model took off when he found out that Marc Jacobs was choosing the brand’s models through Instagram. Toks took a shot at it, and to his surprise, he had made it as a model for the spring campaign.

He was additionally a motivation for Kehinde Wiley, in one of his most great works.



Yoon Young Bae

Although Yoon had over forty thousand followers on Instagram before being discovered by the modeling agencies, the Korean model started her career with a catwalk for Prada. The 19-year-old was noticed on Instagram back in 2007 after her fragile and exquisite looks caught the attention of many.

She has worked with haute couture brands such as Chanel, Moschino, Valentino, Versace, and has a portfolio that most models can only dream of.



Elizabeth Bishop

Elizabeth isn’t new to the game, the 24-year-old model had an online presence on Tumblr as a teenager and would post content online before moving on to Instagram. She had acquired thousands of followers in no time and was somewhat of an influencer herself before – all thanks to her incredible sense of style and fashion that caught the eye of many agencies. She got hired by world-class model agencies, and that is when her career as a professional model took off.

The model recently launched a couple of photographs from her facetime photoshoot, that she totally nailed, of course.



Lameka Fox

Thanks to the We Love Your Genes Campaign by IMG, the Instagram community had brought forward multiple new faces, one of which was Lameka’s. The result that the campaign had generated was phenomenal. It wasn’t long before Fox started receiving offers from big brands, including Marc Jacobs and Victoria’s Secret.