10 Supermodels That Rose to Fame Through Instagram

Social media has changed a lot around town. A decade ago, models used to be discovered in the most unconventional and incidental ways. Kate Moss was discovered at the airport, and Gisele Bündchen was reached out to by an agent whilst dining at McDonalds’. Though the most recent generation of models gets discovered through Instagram!

And although it might seem simpler now, that’s far from the truth. It is almost onerous if not impossible to get recognized from a crowd full of potential good-looking people sprinkled all over the internet. It does help of course if you have over ten thousand followers, since brands yearn for online engagement these days.

We’ve come up with a list of ten such models that were discovered over the internet and through their Instagram profiles. Keep on reading to find out if you recognize any of these gorgeous faces!


Kendall Jenner

Kendall has seemingly always been around, being a Kardashian-Jenner kid, it was hard to shy away from the camera. Growing up, she was consistently under the spotlight, thanks to the family-run TV show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’. Nonetheless, we must acknowledge that she owes a part of her fame to Instagram. She is someone who birthed the ‘Kendall Jenner effect’, meaning that agencies wouldn’t hire any model that had less than ten thousand followers on Instagram.

And of course, with 130 million followers, Kendall is the highest-paid model, taking over the spot of Gisele Bündchen, who had held it for more than a decade.



Winnie Harlow

Harlow rose to fame after Tyra Banks first discovered her Instagram and was dazzled by the photographs. Banks quickly arranged a way to put Winnie on the reality show America’s Next Top Model, and somehow the model owes a part of who she is to that specific TV show. The model was loved on the reality show and is now one of the most popular and widely recognized models.

In any case, Harlow said that the show didn’t support her vocation. Tyra Banks answered to the remarks and helped the model remember how she actually began her career.



Nadia Rahmat

Nadia Rahmat was one such another model who was recruited through Instagram for a campaign back in 2015 for Marc Jacobs. The model was born in Singapore and is of both Indian and Arabic ethnicity. From that point forward, her profession got moving, and she was popularly noticed because of her fashion awareness.

She presently has a signed agreement with Upfront Models, and she is as yet situated in Singapore.



Matthew Noszka

Matthew was just an ordinary guy working at a restaurant before his life changed. He was thrown into the modeling world when one day, Luke Simone, from Wilhelmina Models, came across his photographs on Instagram. He reluctantly signed the offer with due persuasion from his mother, and his career as a model took off after finding a new line of work with Nike.

He soon showed up on TV programs, and was on the catwalk for Moschino, and shot for Calvin Klein.