Instagram Fashion Influencers You Need to Follow Right Now to Keep Up with the Latest Trends

Instagram has transformed into the spot that many turn to for motivation and design influencers are unquestionably the source of a ton of that. The most mainstream sorts of influencers, nonetheless, are certainly those that make content about design.

The Instagram community has birthed plenty of different types of trends, and there is an influencer to guide you through each of these styles. They post outfit ideas, outfit motivation, and amazing content identifying with the style world. Scroll through to know more about ten such fashion influencers to help you bring a pop of style to your closet!



Claire Hornbeek is one of the Instagram influencers and we’re absolutely in love with her aesthetic, which is unique and very satisfying to the eye. She features a very ’90s’ themed style with funky neon colors and adorable vintage accessories. She’s one of the creators whose content never lets us down. Her style oscillates between edgy and feminine, which serves her followers new inspirations with every outfit that she posts.




Sasha might be new at the game, but her Instagram feed is a testament to her style and fashion looks. She is not only a fashion influencer, but a lifestyle blogger as well. Her Instagram is visually appealing, and her work is true to her efforts. The clothing styles that she puts together speak for themselves when it comes to showcasing her talent. The fits that she highlights are simple to follow, with attention to detail like the adorable accessories she likes to style, including the cute little Prada bag in a considerable lot of her photographs.



Brit Harvey

If you are someone who likes color-coordinated outfits, fluffy oversized sweaters with cute pastel skirts, Brit is an influencer that you need to follow right now! She features a very adorable style and loves to showcase her talents at maintaining a colorful wardrobe. The influencer has created multiple, incredible fashion looks and dedicated her complete attention to present the best content to her followers.