Instagram Fashion Influencers You Need to Follow Right Now to Keep Up with the Latest Trends (2 of 3)

Emma Rose

If you’re someone who’s looking for an aesthetic influence in your life, Emma Rose is one influencer that you need to follow today! She has a very modest, yet unique style along with a soft aesthetic to compliment her fashion statement, which is worth appreciating. Her Instagram features photographs that highlight her outfits, easy to follow style tutorials, and explanations, as well as her home layout and decor. It almost seems as if everything that’s associated with her is stylishly elegant and satisfying. The influencer tries very hard at keeping her Instagram novel and rare with a style that isn’t too unapproachable for those looking for a change.



Sydney Carlson

Sydney is a renaissance woman. She is a Youtuber, a social media influencer, and a co-owner of a phone-cover brand called Wildflower Cases. The creator pulls off various styles, with a similar aesthetic and carries it perfectly. The way she juggles with neon colors and latex is a fashion statement.



Amanda Sinishtaj

Amanda is more than just a fashion influencer, but a complete package! The influencer posts about anything and everything and is truly an inspiration. Her Instagram account is full of beautiful photographs and content, be it food content, book recommendations, or interior inspirations, Amanda is the one you’re looking for, her feed will influence and inspire you in many ways. Moreover, her style includes a very classical, yet different approach.