The ’80s’ Top Models: How Do They All Age So Well? Find Out for Yourself!

The 80s was an era of revolution, and the scenario of the modelling and fashion industry was not what it is today. Back then models not only strived to become the ones associated with high-end, elite brands like Chanel, Dior and Gucci, but also aspired to be models for sportswear and swimsuit brands and be on the covers of Sports Illustrated. Regardless of their elegant and exciting lifestyle and significant compensations, these models were yet to make as much cash as the following generation would.

These women are more than just former models; they are business visionaries. Here is a rundown of the most renowned models from the ’80s & how they are now and what they resemble today.


Kathy Ireland

Kathy Ireland was one of the last top models to get renowned in the ’80s. However, she didn’t hold back from leaving a mark on the world with it. In 1989, Kathy was the face of the much popular to date cover of Sports Illustrated. She is likewise a fruitful business visionary, owner and founder of Kathy Ireland Worldwide (kiWW), a marketing company. Kathy is also a part of the list of some of the wealthiest models with a net worth of $500 million. The former model continues to look beautiful and ageless just as she is.



Paulina Porizkova

The model entranced the fashion world with her ideal facial structure and beautiful blue eyes. All along the 80s and the 90s, Paulina was the front of several magazines, and was associated with several brands such as Maybelline, Estée Laude, Escada, as well as others, and was also on the cover of 1984 edition of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. The model once surprisingly revealed that she didn’t love being a model. Paulina is 54 now and is still beautiful with or without makeup, we can most definitely claim she aged well.



Jill Goodacre

Mention the name of Jill Goodacre and one immediately thinks of the brand Victoria’s Secret. The former model used to be one out of the many primary faces of the brand, and her name was always directly associated with the brand until the early 90s. The greatest high of Jill’s career is marked by the 80s, when she was working with the lingerie brand. In the 90s, she appeared on many TV programmes, such as the evergreen sitcom Friends. Jill is currently married to music artist Harry Connick Jr and the two have three kids together.