14 Fun Things To Do When It’s Raining Outside

You’ve made some exciting plans to spend time with friends and are looking forward to that time together. The only wrinkle to that plan is that just as you were about to meet up, it starts raining.

The frustration that rain brings can often put a damper on people’s plans, but also on their moods. After all, now that your plans have fallen through, you’ve got to think about what you will be doing for the rest of the day.

Of course, you could read a great book or binge-watch an entire season of something, but sometimes that’s not enough. After months of being inside due to the pandemic, you want to be doing something else other than that. On top of that, if you’ve got kids, you’re going to need way more options than that to keep them entertained.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of some things that you can do. Whether you have a family, a small group of friends, roommates or just yourself to entertain, these are generally good activities to do when the weather is rainy or less than desirable.


Go Treasure Hunting

Ideal for those with children, a good old treasure hunt can be a good entertainment for everyone involved. All that you need to do is provide a set of clues for every player involved with each clue leading to the next one before leading to the treasure.

You’ll need some envelopes to seal the clues in and you can mark them as well to ensure the treasure hunters are keeping track of their progress.

In terms of the prize, that’s up to you. It could be a small toy, an IOU for a movie, or maybe you could go with a traditional treasure hunt and stash some coins (regular or chocolate).

Alternatively, you can have the kids play as a team to solve the clues and uncover the treasure together.



Take A Bubble Bath

Baths are something adults often don’t have these days. In a fast-paced society we live in, taking a shower is way more efficient. As such, it’s a rare treat to have a bath.

What’s also nice is if you lack bath balls or bubble bath liquids, you can easily make your own using items around the house. To make your own soap blend, grab a clean container and mix together 1/2 cup of mild liquid hand or body soap, 1 tablespoon of sugar or honey, and 1 egg white. Then pour the entire mixture under the running water as you draw your bath.

You’d be surprised that all these ingredients work wonders. Honey is a natural humectant that will attract and retain moisture in your skin. The egg white will create stronger and longer-lasting bubbles.

For those with extra-dry skin, try adding a tablespoon of light oil to the mixture. Good oil would be almond or light sesame. Another surprising bath booster is vinegar.



Deep Condition Your Hair

Similar to the bath, days like these give you an opportunity to treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting to do. In this case, one thing you may have been thinking of is giving your hair a deep treatment.

Even if you haven’t gone to the salon or drugstore recently, there is one good alternative to consider. All you have to do is go to your fridge and give your hair a good half cup of mayonnaise.

As weird as it sounds, it does work wonders. The only thing to keep in mind is you have to leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly.